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Cannes Bumped Up Its Number Of Women Filmmakers This Year

It's a record number! Er ... of five. Five out of 21 directors. One said, "We feel a lot of pressure, as if we had to be symbols." - Variety

Agnieska Holland Is Furious That Cannes Accepted A Film From Russia

Holland is the European Film Academy president. "The Polish-born director – who fled to France in 1981 when Communist authorities imposed martial law – said now was the time to stand up to Russian aggression in Ukraine." - Variety

The Ways Disabilities Are Being Portrayed Are Changing

Children’s literature is definitely getting better at representation. Indeed, when I asked disabled friends and acquaintances to name their favourite disabled character, almost all of them highlighted books aimed at younger readers. - The Guardian

The Morality Of Critics

Although perhaps you might say that literary critics in a certain sense are custodians of the language. I think there has been a tradition, including people like Edward Said, Susan Sontag and Raymond Williams, who were not so much critics as they were moralists. - The Point

Researching The Smells Of The Ancient World With Modern High Technology

Using mass spectrometers and techniques from the field of molecular biology on residues from ancient containers, refuse, and even dental tartar, archaeologists and historians have been working to rediscover aromas ranging from myrrh to condiments to Cleopatra's perfume. - Artnet

A New Golden Age of Satires Of Academia?

"Perhaps (this) is why the campus lends itself so readily to satire; it's one of the few places contained yet familiar enough in which to stage a comedy of manners." - T — The New York Times Style Magazine

Could Boris Johnson’s Government Be On The Verge Of Shutting Its Cultural Funding Agencies?

A new Public Bodies Review Programme, announced by the ministry for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency, will examine whether "arm's-length" funding bodies such as Arts Council England "should continue to deliver all of its functions." - The Art Newspaper

Dallas’ ATT Performing Arts Center Picks a New Director

Warren Tranquada, comes to Dallas from Newark, N.J., where for 13 years he has been executive vice president and chief operating officer of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, which operates in the shadow of New York City. - KERA

Fascinating: Who’s Rich In America And What They Do

Comparing data from the appendix of the economists’ study with data from the SUSB Annual Data Tables put out by the Census Bureau, I estimate that more than 20 percent of auto dealerships in America have an owner making more than $1.58 million per year. - The New York Times

Have NFTs Busted? Not Really

An NFT has value because the buyer and their community believe it has value—which is true for all art and collectibles. And as time goes by, an NFT gains more of its own character, based on factors like who’s owned it and how they’ve used it. - Fast Company

How Working-Class People Are Systematically Shut Out Of Arts Careers

"There are cultural, financial and emotional gaps between working-class creative people and the affluent, networked and mostly private school-educated gatekeepers of Australia's arts ... leading to an entire creative culture that, to an outsider, looks largely monolithic: a lot of white, wealthy people who seem to already know each other." - The Guardian

The Case For Government Investment In The Arts

Does it register, for example, that for every $1 billion turned over in the arts, around 4,300 new jobs are created? Compared to the construction industry where for every $1 billion, just 1,200 new jobs are created? - ArtsHub

Despite Years Of House Arrest, Exile, And A Horrendous War, Kirill Serebrennikov Will Keep Defending Russian Culture

"Russian culture is about the fragility of life," says the award-winning stage and film director. "It's about people who are under oppression. Who are fighting for truth or justice. That's real culture. Not ideological culture. Not propaganda. I think it's not good to boycott this kind of culture." - Variety

A New Generations Of Deaf Artists (And Arts)

While the level of deaf visibility may feel new to most, we need to understand that scores of talented deaf writers and creatives have always been there, and have always deserved to be heard. What’s changing now is the hearing world’s willingness to listen. - The Guardian

Why a Heightened Concern For Cultural Appropriation Now?

"It's easier than ever to steal a motif or a craft technique and transfer it on to a piece of clothing that is either mass produced or appears on a runway without credit or compensation to their original communities." - BBC

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