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The World’s Biggest Arts Event Returns — But Has It Learned To Manage The Crowds?

A record-breaking 3841 Fringe shows were registered in 2019, consequently, like many in Edinburgh I enjoyed having ‘my’ city back in the summer of 2000; seeing it in all its breathtaking glory, while wandering through empty streets, soaking in the history. - The Scotsman

How The World Is Uncoupling From Russian Artists And Culture

Few places now seem to epitomise Russia’s cultural decoupling from the west better than the large, empty walls of GES-2, created as Moscow’s answer to Tate Modern. - The Guardian

At Most American Universities, The Struggle Over Ideas Is Not Free-Speech-Versus-Woke Censorship. Not At All.

Lucas Mann, an English professor at a UMass branch campus: "For a professor at a school like mine, ... the trick isn't convincing students to drop their dogmas. It's convincing them that the stuff we're talking about could matter in lives already complicated by many other things." - Slate

Hundreds Of Italy’s Historic Theatres Are Closed And Becoming Derelict

"428 in all are closed, half of which are publicly owned. ... The (Ministry of Culture) has financed €420 million for performances in 2022, but nothing for infrastructure. The separate Reconstruction and Resilience Plan in Italy has not allocated anything for theatres, and many are waiting to collapse." - Gramilano (Milan)

What’s The Point Of Canceling Russian Artists?

"Cultural boycotting as an acceptable collateral consequence of war is egregious. There’s no reason to discriminate against individuals. Thousands in Russia, as well as in countries under the Russian yoke, like Belarus, have risked considerable retribution by speaking out against the war." - The Walrus

Artists, Musicians Seek To Overturn California Law On Binding Contracts

The Free Artists from Industry Restrictions Act would overhaul California’s Seven Year Statute, removing a damages provision that discourages artists from leaving record deals after seven years and curtailing the amount of time actors are held off the market without pay between seasons. - The Wall Street Journal

When Disney Collides With Reality

The lash, backlash, and backlash to the backlash around Florida's repugnant "Don't Say Gay" bill is stressing the Mouse out. And "all of this comes at a perilous time for Disney, which is racing to remake itself as a streaming titan." - The New York Times

On Being An Art Critic In A Weird Time For Journalism

There doesn’t seem to be a widespread, clear understanding of the distinction between journalism and criticism in the New York art scene. - Hyperallergic

How The Internet Is Recording Ukrainian History

Archivists and librarians around the world have been working to catalogue thousands of websites that hold pieces of Ukraine’s past and present, ranging from policy papers and census data stores to poetry museums to a Soviet-era club that teaches children how to operate railways. - Washington Post

Peter Gelb On Canceling Putin

In the past, even when political tensions between nations grew ugly, artistic endeavors rose above the din. But Putin’s murderous actions are the playbook of Hitler, not the Cold War. He has now made it impossible for the Met to work with his artistic cronies or those cultural entities he subsidizes. - Playbill

Seattle Arts Organizations Come Out Of The Pandemic With New Support Models

“You truly know exactly the kind of organization you’re funding through this model, as well as how big of an impact you actually make.” - Seattle Times

Being A Comedian May Be An Ideal Background For A World Leader

"Imagine if Zelensky's hit show had been not Servant of the People, but Fury Force 5 or something similarly over-the-top, and Zelensky's career had been more Arnold Schwarzenegger than Al Franken. Would his comment, 'I need ammunition, not a ride,' have had the same impact?" - Zócalo Public Square

2000 Irish Artists To Get Basic Incomes

“It is recognition, at government level, of the important role of the arts in Irish society. It also places a value on the time spent developing a creative practice and producing art,” reads a press release for the initiative. - Hyperallergic

Designing Ukraine Refugee Shelters That Are Livable

The Paper Partition System (PPS) is quickly and easily constructed using cardboard tubes as structure and textiles as partitions. One unit takes approximately five minutes to build with the help of three people. - Dezeen

Spoilers And Their Relationship To Relentless Capitalist Excess, Explained

In which Emily St. James argues that the culture's arguments about spoilers (to avoid nor not to avoid) are basically another tool with which entertainment conglomerates keep people hooked on their ever-expanding mass of product. - Vox

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