Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Why It’s So Important To Figure Out Who Gets To Own Our Data

Our problem today lies in finding a model of data ownership that recognizes the collective interest we have in how personal data is used, that avoids the profound costs of free-wheeling private exploitation by individual firms, and that does not slip into authoritarian state control. - Boston Review

Like Sports, Ideas Have To Be Played To Be Tested

Sport is fundamentally about what you do when the chips are down, not what you say or plan beforehand. What matters is how well you perform in the moment. Athletes have skin in the game when it comes to their progress. There is a consequence for a lack of improvement. - Psyche

How To Fix Social Media (Lessons From History)

The arrival of broadcast media at the start of the last century set off an information revolution just as tumultuous as the one we are going through today, and the way legislators, judges, and the public responded to the earlier upheaval can illuminate our current situation. - The New Atlantis

Are You Ready For Our Real-Life Dystopia?

When you zoom out, it’s easy to see that American society is approaching a modern-day dystopia as the once sci-fi-worthy stories of environmental destruction, technological control, and loss of human rights and freedoms creep to fruition. - Wired

Comments Sections Are A Toxic Stew Of Sexism, And That’s By Design

"It’s not enough to simply call on women to speak up. We do need to change public conversations, but it is fundamentally a design problem. It’s a function of comprehensive social design, web design, workplace design, and conversation design." - Fast Company

Sure, Humanity Would *Totally* Unite Against Aliens

That's sarcastic. It's a bad movie and book trope. We can't even unite against a virus. - Slate

What It Means To Lose, And Regain, A Language

Ask the grandchildren of immigrants - they know all too well. But one thing is clear: Shaming younger generations doesn't work. "If the end goal is to farther fluency ... then we need to be more positive about how we embrace young people for trying." - Sahan Journal

Visual Humor Might Be Helping Ease The Stresses Of Pandemic Life

That's right, to deal with the constant dread and worry about what's next with a constantly evolving virus, we all need ... memes. - Fast Company

Can You Really Be A Better Person Taking Masterclasses Online?

Mark Williamson, the company’s chief operating officer, told me, “I think it’s legitimately possible for us to create an algorithm that builds a personalized catalogue that leads you to become the best person you can be.” - The New Yorker

How The Big Resignation Is Remaking America

This is a moment of fascinating decentralization. The U.S. economy lost its mojo. We had less quitting, less moving, and less entrepreneurship than in the 20th century. But now that’s reversed. We’re moving out of jobs, out of companies.... - The Atlantic

Reconsidering The History Of Humanity

Humanity was not restricted to small bands of hunter-gatherers, agriculture did not lead inexorably to hierarchies and conflicts and there was not one mode of social organisation that prevailed, at least until thousands of years after the introduction of agriculture. - The Guardian

What Fuels Conspiracy Theories

New research suggests that it’s not just negative emotions that contribute to the appeal of conspiracy theories. People can also find conspiracy theories entertaining – and the more entertaining people find them, it seems, the more likely they are to believe in them. - Psyche

The Truth About Conspiracy Theories — By Those Who Study Them

True, we’re hearing a lot about Covid-19 and QAnon-related conspiracies. But just because they are more visible does not mean that belief in them has gone up. - Persuasion

The Existential Dangers Of “Longtermism”

Longtermism might be one of the most influential ideologies that few people have ever heard about. I believe this needs to change because I have come to see this worldview as quite possibly the most dangerous secular belief system in the world today. - Aeon

How Truth Became Contested Ground In Our Schools

The pandemic accelerated a trend that already existed: teachers increasingly find themselves facing a potential career-ending explosion if they teach the wrong “truth.” - LitHub

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