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Sadler’s Wells Reveals Plans For New Dance Center In London’s Olympic Park

Sadler's Wells East, one of the anchors of the coming East Bank arts district, will include a 550-seat theatre presenting numerous dance genres, a choreographic school, rehearsal spaces, and a new Hip Hop Theatre Academy where the UK's Olympic breaking team will train. - Time Out (London)

How Dance Aspen Arose From The Ashes Of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

"Starting from scratch with no funding and with a global pandemic raging on, the group set a goal to raise $50,000 over the course of the summer. Instead, their first fundraiser exceeded this goal in one day." - Dance Magazine

After An Anti-Racism Review, Scottish Ballet Revamps Nutcracker

"Changes to characters, costumes and choreography will be made to 'remove elements of caricature,'" especially from the Land of the Sweets. In addition, Drosselmeyer the magician will be played by both male and female dancers. - The Scotsman

Some Dancers Are Starting To Rebel Against The Zero-Body-Hair Standard

Says one choreographer, "It's not the first fight I would pick about the homogeneity of bodies on stage. But there's something archaic in dance – where your body is policed in certain ways. You're taught not to have agency over your body." - The Guardian

Afghan Dance Teachers In Exile, Cut Off From Students And Homeland

Makhloot had an entire crew of professional hip-hop dancers in Kabul (including one woman) and hoped to compete in breaking at the 2024 Olympics. Fahima performed and taught sema, the meditative whirling dance of the Sufis. Both had to flee quickly when the Taliban took over. - Dance Teacher

A LinkedIn-Style Platform Built Specially For Casting Dancers

"Choreographer Amy Gardner used to consistently run into the same problem: When jobs popped up in different cities, whether for Nick Jonas or Neiman Marcus, finding dancers wasn't easy, and casting was slowing down her momentum." So she started Dance Hypha. - Dance Magazine

Not Your Grandfather’s Native American Dance Troupe

"When Indigenous Enterprise appeared on World of Dance, Kenneth Shirley described the group's style as 'Native American with a little bit of hip-hop.' And the influence of hip-hop is discernible in footwork and bounce, but most of all in attitude." - The New York Times

Writing About Dance Isn’t A Profession Anymore

The truth is that culture writing that doesn't involve celebrities or popular culture or scandal fills an increasingly small niche in the mainstream press. - Dance Magazine

The Problem With New York City Ballet’s Balanchine

Jennifer Homans: "Balanchine, it seems, has become orthodox: classical, beautiful, the radical edges zipped up and smoothed. This is not the dancers' fault, nor is it something anyone can undo." - The New Yorker

Dance Is Under Serious Threat In British Schools

The pandemic hurt a lot, but "nearly two-thirds of dance educators said teaching had become more difficult in recent years, while half of teachers said external pressure for students to take traditionally academic subjects was the key reason for dance’s decline." - The Stage (UK)

The Choreographers Making Utopian Films In Minneapolis

One choreographer - a former econ major at Macalester College - says, "If I walk out of here in downtown Minneapolis, I don’t know what will happen to me. Will I be stopped? With Atlantis, my power is beyond what I see. It’s the idea of conquering death." - Sahan Journal

The Dance That Didn’t Get Made During Lockdown (Sorta)

Choreographer Madeline Hollander has brought together New York City dancers, from big and small companies and from Broadway shows, and given them a task: to perform choreography that was canceled or postponed during the pandemic. - The New York Times

Elizabeth Zimmer: Noticing Dance Is Getting Harder And Harder

If dance artists turn on the critics who take the trouble to notice them, artists will have an even harder time trying to connect with audiences. They will wind up alone in the dark, surrounded by empty chairs, talking to themselves.   - Village Voice

How “A Housewife From Winnetka” Started Collecting Data About Dance

The data project shows that, despite recent improvement, works performed by major ballet companies are still overwhelmingly choreographed by men. - MSN (Chicago Tribune)

COVID Killed Quite A Few Dance Companies, And The Survivors Are Scared

As dance companies are returning to the stage, the ghosts of those that no longer exist haunt the field. … Dance advocates see the vanished organizations as troubling signs that the art form, routinely under financial stress, may be shrinking, its structures drastically changing. - MSN (The Washington Post)

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