Saturday, September 18, 2021

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How The Pandemic Is Changing How Lincoln Center Works

Usually, our work requires a year or two in advance planning. But now we’re building the plane as we’re flying. So it’s really shown us that we can be nimble. - Christian Science Monitor

In Crimea, Russian Government Is Trying To Wipe Out Tatar Heritage: UNESCO Report

"The report ascribes a goal of erasing traces of their cultural presence on the peninsula and weakening 'the fundamental role of the indigenous Muslim people in the history of Crimea' as a mean of 'historical justification for its occupation.'" - The Art Newspaper

Why This Musicologist Quit Academia

In recent years the dogmatic mode of thinking, in which uncritical commitments are enforced by mechanisms involving public humiliation, no-platforming, and attempts to have scholars fired, has become to seem like it has become endemic. - Harper-Scott

Myanmar’s Arts Community Is Caught Between Military Dictators, Floods, Economic Turmoil, And COVID

"People are focused on survival … and caring for their loved ones," says one artist in Yangon. Adds another, "It's dangerous to do a good show now, since … it is impossible to speak about the present in Myanmar without putting yourself in danger." - The Art Newspaper

Britain Has A New Culture Secretary (And It Looks Like She’s A Doozy)

"Boris Johnson has appointed Nadine Dorries as culture secretary, giving a first Cabinet post to an outspoken MP who has previously accused the BBC of being biased and claimed comedy is being killed by 'leftwing snowflakes'." - The Guardian

The Gender Gap Is Growing In Our Universities

“In almost every rich country, women earn the majority of bachelor’s degrees. Almost every country that gives men and women equal access to education discovers, within a few decades, that women are doing better. - The Atlantic

How A Public Spaces Program Is Transforming A Russian City

“We come and ask people what they want done, what they want preserved, and what they want to go. And if less than three-quarters of the people are happy, we change the project according to their comments.” - Bloomberg

David Pickard On Producing A Proms Season Like No Other

"My overriding memory of this summer will not be the hoops and hurdles we overcame, but the sheer joy of performers and audiences communing with each other once again." - The Arts Desk

Aid For German Arts Institutions Damaged In Summer Floods

"The German government will give €30 million ($35.4 million) in aid for areas impacted by this past summer's devastating rainfall and floods, including to damaged cultural institutions and monuments." - Artnet

Bill Rauch On The Performing Arts Center At The World Trade Center

The PAC will be the final piece of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center, a three-story building — 129,000-square feet with three flexible venues that allow for 11 different possible configurations, ranging from 84 to 1205 seats. - New York Theatre

Time To End Artsploitation

Behind the New Museum’s veneer of social justice was rampant exploitation. Salaries were so low that full-time employees worked extra jobs. An hourly rate in visitor services and the bookstore teetered just above minimum wage. - The Baffler

Could This Facebook Ruling In Australia Eventually Lead To The End Of Comments?

A court ruling "promises to upend what has been a core principle of who gets blamed for bad behavior online — in ways that, if repeated, could have the effect of stifling public speech." - Nieman Lab

Hollywood Has Sold Out To China

And it's not likely to change anytime soon. - The Atlantic

Why This University Professor Resigned

Students are being trained to mimic the moral certainty of ideologues. Faculty and administrators have abdicated the university’s truth-seeking mission and instead drive intolerance of divergent beliefs and opinions. - Bari Weiss

Why The Arts Struggled To Express 9/11

For a long time it was safer to go small. - The New York Times

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