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Dance Artists Of Color Are Getting More Chances To Lead

Kiyon Ross at Pacific Northwest Ballet: "The skills you learn as a choreographer are definitely transferable to being a leader. ... You have to have a certain kind of authority over the room—not an oppressive kind of authority, there just needs to be someone running the show." - Dance Magazine

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Welcome to the New ArtsJournal

Hello! Dear Reader: Several updates to tell you about: 1. Our New Website For a long time, the organizing idea about the stories we collected on ArtsJournal was my belief in the serendipity of stumbling across stories you didn't know you needed to see. You might be primarily interested in dance, but here's a great books story you ought to know about. But from looking at how our readers seek out stories, I've come to understand that most want to find what they're looking for as efficiently as possible. So, the front page now organizes the stories we collect by topic. The topic pages themselves have been streamlined and are much easier to read - for example Ideas. So if you're primarily interested in one art form, check out the new organization. Our AJBlogs also have a cool new home. If you still want to follow everything across all topics, you can...

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