Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Sunil Iyengar


Quick Study: An International Reckoning of Economic Losses from COVID-19 to the Arts

For this episode of the NEA podcast Quick Study, I discuss UNESCO’s report, Cultural and Creative Industries in the Face of COVID-19: An Economic...

Arts Business Ownership – Statistics on Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

Soon after COVID-19 broke, a premium was placed on certain types of arts data—what losses the sector would sustain, how quickly it would recover,...

Quick Study: Findings from a Longitudinal Study of Arts Education

For this entry, I’m sharing the latest episode of the NEA’s research podcast (Quick Study). This month, we look at promising study results from...

Sampling Beats and Youth Research Participants – in Real Time

In research terms, a convenience sample is a group of folks who feature in a study because—well, they happened to be there. Convenience samples...

The Diversity of Performing Arts Audiences: Weighing Organizational Factors and Business Decisions

A year ago this month, Zannie Voss and Jill Robinson produced one of the first action-oriented research reports about COVID-19’s impact on arts organizations. In the report, titled In it for the Long Haul, Voss and Robinson—who head, respectively, the academic think tank SMU DataArts and its industry partner, TRG Arts—predicted that “the communal nature […]