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Rush Seats: Mary Rice on the pure enjoyment of classical music

Opera singer Mary Rice shares her experience of a concert in a canyon at the Moab Music Festival and how the beautiful and casual atmosphere upped the enjoyment of the music.

Where’s the $500 million fund for the arts?

What will it take to inspire a big investment to save, then reimagine, the arts sector? Press Forward is a $500 million fund to reinvent local news. Where's the Arts Forward fund?

Want to know what the audience thinks? Read the comments

What can be learned from the 1800 comments in recent articles about the crisis in nonprofit theater? Audiences get it more than we give them credit for. And they expect theaters to fix their own problems.

Forgetting Taylor Swift

After all the excitement, some Taylor Swift fans are forgetting the experience of seeing her in concert. What does this phenomenon mean for the arts?
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