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Moore College of Art & Design, the first and only women’s visual arts college in the U. S., has launched a new website for Women’s History Month,, an online destination for ALL women visual artists. The site will complement the College’s main website,, which also includes its coed programs, but will be totally for and about women visual artists.   It will be interactive and media-rich with video, podcasts, slide shows and other imagery.

Content by guest contributors, such as artists, designers, curators, historians, thought-leaders in the industry and others will be the impetus for an online dialogue about what women artists and designers, nationally and internationally, are experiencing today in terms of creating their work, their careers, issues they may be facing and the successes they are celebrating.  Moore is seeking content contributors.  Those who provide existing content will receive a free contributor’s page where they can promote themselves and their work.  Those who provide new content written specifically for will receive a free contributor’s page and a modest honorarium.  For more information on becoming a content contributor, visit

For the site launch in March, content has been contributed by the “feminist masked avengers” Guerrilla Girls; award-winning video artist and writer Joan Braderman; ArtBlog co-founder Roberta Fallon; artist and co-founder of A.I.R. Gallery Daria Dorosh; curator and author Judith Tannenbaum; artist and founder of The Regional Center for Women in the Arts Valetta; and many other individuals.  In addition, Moore is partnering with a number of organizations across the country on the project, including The Feminist Art Project at the Institute for Women & Art at Rutgers University; the A. I. R. Gallery, American Women Artists and The National Association of Women Artists in New York City; and Women Arts in California.  If you are with an organization that would like to partner with Moore on this initiative, contact Roy A. Wilbur at

Delving into the heritage of women artists and the strides they have made over the years will also be addressed on the site as well as where they have come and what the future may hold.   In addition, there will be an extensive resources section with women’s visual arts organizations, including galleries, studios, service organizations, funders and businesses.

Moore College of Art & Design has had a proud legacy as a women’s visual arts college for 167 years. is an opportunity for the College to continue honoring its heritage and to connect its students and alumnae with a national and international network of women artists and designers who, in turn, will be able to engage with women outside the Moore community as well.  The goal is to bring women artists from around the world to a location where they can share, express themselves and build new relationships.

Moore College of Art & Design educates students for careers in art and design. Founded in 1848, Moore is the nation’s first and only women’s art college. Moore’s student-focused environment and professionally active faculty form a dynamic community in the heart of Philadelphia’s cultural district. The College offers ten bachelor of fine arts degrees for women. Coeducational graduate programs were launched in summer, 2009. In addition, Moore provides many valuable opportunities in the arts through The Galleries at Moore, continuing education programs for professional adults, the 91-year-old acclaimed Young Artists Workshop for girls and boys grades 1-12, The Art Shop and the Sculpture Park. For more information about Moore, visit

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