Netflix Will Soon Be The Largest “Network” Producer Of Original Programming


“Netflix next year is poised to expand its lineup to more than two dozen series, blowing past both HBO and TV’s most prolific basic-cable programmer, FX/FXX. A service until recently known mostly for repurposing other people’s movies and TV shows will thus achieve a major milestone: It will boast the biggest collection of first-run scripted content of any other subscription-based network in America, cable or streaming.”

Report: Canadians Are Abandoning Traditional Cable TV


“The IDC report projects that the number of Canadians opting for traditional television services like cable and satellite will drop by about half a million to 11.3 million subscribers by 2019. The marketing research company also estimates revenue from those same services will decline by 7.8 per cent over the next five years to $8.3 billion.”

Changing Media, Changing Criticism (For Better And Worse)


“The Internet has had an explosive and largely positive impact on film culture. The average film lover can read good critics from around the world for free, draw on more academic resources than ever and simply see more films than ever before. They can argue, engage, question and inform each other in film forums and keep up on the latest discoveries from festivals around the world.”

This Reality Show Thought It Was A Good Idea To Send Contestants To A Syrian War Zone

aussie reality show

The show, called Go Back to Where You Came From, “is a three-part reality series aimed at sparking a conversation on immigration by sending six Australians to see refugee conditions in person.” And considering the current Australian government’s policy toward refugees (park them on a distant Pacific island or tow them back out to sea), perhaps showing what it’s like along the Iraqi-Syrian border was a good idea.

AP And Movietone Upload Massive Video Archive To YouTube

ap movietone

“In what is the largest upload of historical news content on the video-sharing platform to date, the Associated Press and British Movietone are to host a collection of 550,000 video stories on two YouTube channels. … [That’s] one million minutes of historical video dating back to 1895 – from footage of a hover scooter floating on a cushion of air to Mussolini calling for world peace.” (includes clips of Mandela, Marilyn, MLK, Mount Vesuvius, and man-versus-tank in Tienanmen)

Reality TV Plus Gender Transition Equals A Surprisingly Thoughtful Show About Caitlyn Jenner


But of course, it’s still (deeply) manipulative: “Performance isn’t inherently bad — even documentaries are works of artifice. But when the mission is to humanize a group of people, credibility counts. Jenner, at one point, wonders whether some of her kids and stepkids haven’t yet visited her because they secretly disapprove of her transition. But the viewer may wonder right back at her whether their absence was planned, so that emotional meet-and-greets could later take place on camera.”

The Career Path Of A Canadian Actress


Rachel McAdams: Being a movie star “wasn’t something I really meditated on or planned for in any way. I really thought I’d be doing theater in Canada. I’d grown up doing children’s theater there, and I always imagined myself being artistic director of a children’s theater company.”

BBC Faces Its Toughest Political Fight Yet


“There are two fundamental grounds for this assault on the BBC. One is connected to neoliberal dogma. Right-wingers ask why a publicly funded body should be asked to produce mass entertainment, when the private sector is capable of carrying out the same function just as well if not better… The second argument is about political bias.”

Average Movie Ticket Prices Hit Record In US


“Going to the movies in the U.S. cost an average of $8.61 during the second quarter of 2015, according to exhibition industry trade group the National Association of Theatre Owners. That surpasses the previous high-water mark of $8.38 from the second quarter of 2013. It’s also a 3.4% increase from the year-ago average of $8.33 and a 6% jump from the first quarter average of $8.12.”

FCC Signals Approval Of AT&T/DirecTV Mega-Merger


“AT&T’s desire to merge with DirecTV isn’t simply about finding more TV customers. Given DirecTV’s capability to deliver TV services nationwide, AT&T can sell more TV-Internet-phone packaged bundles after the merger, including possibly offering Internet services to rural customers using its wireless technology. AT&T is the nation’s second largest wireless carrier.”

The Ten Most Beautiful Movies Of All Time (Not Best, Mind You; Most Beautiful)

top ten beautiful movies

Well, really, it’s ten categories of beautiful movie (Chinese historical epic, classic Hollywood black-and-white, Terrence Malick movie, wordless montage of landscapes, Stanley Kubrick film, etc.) and the Cinefix guys’ favorite examples of each type. Plenty to argue about (e.g., Days of Heaven isn’t there, and neither are any of the Qatsi films). (video)

World’s Largest Streaming Video Market Has Gone Mad For Korean TV

korean tv

“China’s obsession with a South Korean television show about a 400-year-old Harvard-educated alien who falls in love with an arrogant actress reached such a frenzy last year that online streaming companies here began racing to snap up licensing rights for other South Korean television programs, inflating their prices almost tenfold.”

Um, Really? A Contest For Women Filmmakers … Set In The Twilight Universe?


“The contest — sponsored by Lionsgate, Women in Film, Volvo and crowd sourcing platform Tongal — was created to help women break into the frat house of film. Aspiring female writers and directors were invited to submit scripts and pitches for short films set in the ‘Twilight’ universe. Winners received up to $50,000 each to produce their 5- to 10-minute flicks.”

Rethinking The BBC – What Should It Become?


“This is a consultation that is very much about the BBC’s place in the broadcasting and media market. To what extent should the BBC, which has expanded enormously over the last 20 years, stay as it is?”

Emmy Nominations Open Up – And Neglect The Networks


“With a handful of rule changes and a general sense of acceptance that Internet-based TV isn’t going anywhere, Thursday’s announced nominees included acclaimed niche shows like Amazon’s Transparent and Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, while creaky ratings-winners like The Big Bang Theory fell off the map. This year’s Emmy nominees embraced progress by recognizing TV’s ever-growing landscape, but at the cost of major recognition for network television’s newfound focus on diversity.”

The Pixar Theory Of Life And Labor (It’s Really A Silicon Valley Company At Heart)


“In film after film, Pixar presents narratives chiefly concerned with characters trying to be the best at what they do, or otherwise prove their usefulness … resulting in a filmography that consistently conflates individual flourishing with the embrace of unremitting work. … This excess, epitomized as the complete entanglement of an individual’s private life with their employment, is at the core of Pixar’s conceptualization of what it is to be a person.”

Movie Analysts Say Hollywood On Track For A Record Year At The Box Office


“The most optimistic box-office prognosticators say the industry will notch $11.2 billion in ticket sales in 2015, beating last year by 9% and setting a record for North America, not adjusted for inflation. Piper Jaffray analyst James Marsh this week increased his full-year estimate to $10.9 billion from $10.8 billion. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has also increased his projection by a percentage point to $11 billion.”