Why Create New Art When Support For Artists Is Declining?

Volcano eruption

“All societies in decay make war on artists and intellectuals because they offer ideas that are uncomfortable, speaking intrinsic truths that upset the happy-thought spectacle. When societies break down, the language of social discourse and culture become fictitious. This need not be a downer, but a call of resolve and volition to those creators who intuit this struggle, and provide context to where we are in the greater cosmic journey and where you are in your own personal journey as a creator.”

Fighting Back: The Battle Against Ticket Bots That Buy Up All The Best Seats For That Show You Want To See

Josh LaBelle led the charge to push for a new law against ""ticket bots""--software that gets around web security in order to buy up tickets before humans can access them.  He is the director of the Seattle Theatre Group. He is photographed outside the Paramount Theatre.

“Ticket resale, at its pricier end called “ticket scalping,” is legal in Seattle. But bot critics argue that computerized purchasing prevents ordinary users from getting the seats they want, forcing them to buy from a third party at exorbitant prices. With a new state law outlawing bots going into effect in late-July, ticket sellers are gearing up to take legal action against bot users in future sales.”

How Did The Middle Ages Get Such A Bum Rap As A Dark Ignorant Time? Unfair!


“Unfair because it has been found again and again that our skills, laws, liberties, nations, and languages are the result of hard work in the millennium reputed dark, unlit by reason, and recessive from the sunshine of the classical civilizations, when perfectly formed philosophers sat debating in public colonnades, monk-free.”

What Does It Mean To ‘Sound Gay’?

what does it mean to sound gay

“I suspect many queer people will identify with being bullied not only for what they say, but how they say it. … Even though sexuality itself is interior, one’s behavior and mannerisms are used to infer with whom they like to go to bed.”

So What Happens When Everyone Gets A Nice Basic Income?


Will this be a boon to artists? “The experiment seeks to challenge the notion that people who receive public money need to be patrolled and punished, said Horst. The traditional criticism of basic income is that it does not incentivize people to work, and thereby damages the economy.”

How The Arts Makes Better Healthcare


“Why does a hospital need a writer-in-residence? According to professors at HMS, studies show that engaging in artistic expression can help healthcare providers reduce burnout and foster empathy, and enhance their ability to communicate and connect with patients.”

How Much Does Your Family’s Wealth Influence What You Study In College?


“With average earnings for different types of degrees as well-publicized as they are—the difference in lifetime earnings among majors can be more than $3 million, one widely covered study found—it’s not hard to imagine a student deciding his or her academic path based on its expected payout. And it’s especially not hard to imagine poorer kids making this calculation out of necessity, while richer kids forgo that means-to-an-end thinking.”

Want Better Doctors? Cultivate Their Artistic Side


“The literary and visual arts,” they write, “have long-standing and venerable roles in fortifying the lessons of clinical empathy, communication skills, critical thinking, and attention”—crucial qualities that can easily get overlooked in an era of assembly line office visits, where a doctor’s attention is often more focused on lab-test data than actual communion with the patient.

Art As A Job – Why It Shouldn’t Be Free


These days more and more artists are challenging the bohemian stance that artists should shun economic capital in favor of pursuing art for art’s sake. Artists and creative workers increasingly lick their low-income wounds publicly and vent about the elaborate dance of self-reinvention in the digital age. It’s become trendy to discuss and even quantify exactly how little money is being made from creative projects. Mathematics has never looked so hip.”

One Creative-Class Angeleno Explains Why He Just Can’t Stay


Scott Timberg: “Remember that bittersweet feeling, halfway between queasy and liberating, when you’ve decided you’re going to break up with someone but don’t know when, where, or how you’ll pull the trigger? Someone, that is, with whom you still share a connection but can no longer abide? I’ve lived with this weird ambiguity for almost a decade now. And I’m not talking about dumping my wife.”

Artists (And Arts Organizations) Are Getting Priced Out Of Some Cities (What To Do?)


“The increasing difficulty in living and working in some major cities affects not just the artists, but the newer and the smaller and the mid-sized arts organizations housed in these cities. Increasingly they too are being priced out. Some of these organizations are finding it difficult to continue to stay in the very cities they might have helped create.”

Even Dadaism Had A Racial Subtext

Even Dadaism Had A Racial Subtext

Tzara composed what he termed “African poems,” and his girlfirend led a danse nègre at the Cabaret Voltaire. Grosz danced jigs while wearing a straw hat and blackface. Picabia painted two canvases he titled Negro Song. Clément Pansaers published a pamphlet titled Le Pan Pan au Cul du Nu Nègre. “Clearly, Norman Mailer did not invent the ‘white negro’.”

London’s Antiquities Buyers Are Making ISIS A Cash-Rich Terror Group


“Buyers are not getting the message that the purchase of such antiquities is enabling war and terror in the Middle East. ‘These are blood antiquities,’ says Altaweel, adding that attempts to make the cultural-heritage case for more action to stop trade in looted goods have not yielded results. ‘What might work more is to say that this is funding death.'”

Is AirBnB A Threat To Urban Artist Spaces?


“The end result of an AirBnB’d neighborhood is not a profitable artist collective. Rather, it’s an international bedroom community of “post-tourist” upwardly mobile workers, an intermittently empty complex of condos for creatives who can parachute in, patronize local cafes, and then escape as quickly as they arrived.”

What Is Lincoln Center’s Place In The Arts World?


“If a new generation of middle-class Americans chooses to move back into the inner cities, large-scale performing-arts centers might start to make fiscal and artistic sense. But even if that should happen, Lincoln Center will never again be culturally influential in the way that it was in the ’70s and ’80s.”

Measuring Hispanic Audience Clout In America


“The Hispanic market has grown from $1 trillion in buying power in 2010 to $1.5 trillion this year, according to Nielsen data. And Nielsen and Google surveys find members of that audience to be among both the heaviest viewers of TV and the earliest and most active users of new media technology.”

Network Bans “Dukes Of Hazzard” Reruns. Why?


“The flag will remain charged whether publicly visible or not, and so TV Land banning The Dukes of Hazzard is a banal gesture of how little we are prepared to confront the horror of Charleston, the continuing gritty day-to-day horror of all kinds of hatred aimed at all kinds of minorities.”

The Smithsonian’s Air And Space Museum Is Falling Apart (Here’s Why)


“The Air and Space Museum, designed by Hellmuth Obata and Kassabaum Architects (HOK), is marked by its four marble-clad pavilions, separated by three recessed steel-and-glass atria. Construction started in 1972 and continued until the museum opened on July 1, 1976. It has undergone basic repairs since, but the systems and materials are running on borrowed time in part because certain building components were “downgraded” as part of the original construction to reduce cost and hit the stunningly low $40 million budget.”

There’s Almost Never A Good Reason To Include A Rape Scene In Art


“Because rape is widely acknowledged as a Very Serious Topic, there’s also a tendency to treat rape scenes as a means to be edgy or shocking. You know, as a way of creating really serious, mature content. Most of the time, however, this approach radiates nothing so much as ignorance and immaturity.”

Those Awkward Animal Moments On Stage


“During a four-week run of “Gypsy,” a baby lamb from Living History Farms grew almost too big for the star to hold in her lap. Mice in “Cinderella” gave birth to a squirmy pink litter in the Playhouse costume shop, and a goat in “Mister Roberts” ate a hole in the dressing-room wall.”