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Get To Know America’s First Native American Poet Laureate

Joy Harjo’s story is an American epic, a triumph of the spirit, reshaping history’s lens on the West, rewriting a national myth of endless space. - The Daily Beast

Emile Zola, Real Bad Art Friend

Bad Art Friends are far from new. "Case in point: the rift between Émile Zola, novelist/playwright/founder of the naturalism movement, and painter Paul Cézanne. Their decades-long friendship was destroyed when Zola ... wrote a book heavily featuring a self-destructive, unsuccessful painter." - LitHub

What’s Wrong With Book Reviews?

And n+1 magazine doesn't mean the ones you do in school. No, it's professional book reviews that are in trouble, according to that magazine. But hold up: "The only thing eulogized as frequently as the novel is the 'honest' book review." - Los Angeles Review of Books

A Very American Idea: Writing A Children’s Book In Your Language For Your Kid

"There are very few children’s books, or books in general, published in Karen in the United States, and much of what exists originated in St. Paul ... the library system has published three children’s books in Karen since 2015." - Sahan Journal (Minnesota)

The Internet Is Weirdly Addicted To This Image Of A Private Library

The photo is a comforting image for booklovers - the shelves, the lights, the chairs - but why does it regularly, and randomly, trend on social media? Sadly, the library "doesn’t even exist anymore," at least not in the form of the image. But the picture will never die. - The New York Times

Wordle Copycats Are Multiplying. Apple Is Taking Them Down

It's exceedingly hard to copyright an abstract game mechanic like "guessing five-letter words and giving hints based on correct letters." - Wired

Reassembled Papyrus Fragments Shed Light On The Lives Of Workers Who Built The Pyramids

The fragments are accounts and logbooks from the port from which blocks of white limestone (now long gone) that encased the Great Pyramid were sent to Giza. They record how supplies were loaded and shipped, the size of the crews, how they were fed, etc. - History Today

Norman Mailer Wasn’t “Canceled.” (Dumb)

Instead, the publishing conglomerate’s decision to back away from Mailer points to a different set of financial imperatives, as well as a growing impulse among publishing executives to blame business decisions on junior staff—the industry’s version of inventing someone to be mad at. - The New Republic

Why Writers Can Keep Adapting And Readapting Greek Myths, Generation After Generation

Charlotte Higgins: "Greek myths don't exist in canonical forms: they are to be retold in the moment, and exist only as contaminated, and endlessly recontaminated, versions of themselves. That makes it a realm, I think, of creative invitation rather than of austere exactitude." - Literary Hub

UK Book Sales Set Records In 2021

Driven by booming appetites for crime novels, sci-fi, fantasy, romance and personal development titles, sales last year showed an increase of 5% on 2020. The sales were worth £1.82bn – a 3% increase on 2020. - The Guardian

Medieval Runes Discovered In Oslo For First Time In Three Decades

Researchers found two objects, a rune stick with text in both Latin and Norse and a piece of bone with a Norse inscription, in the Norwegian capital's Medieval Park. The pieces are thought to date from between 1100 and 1350. - Smithsonian Magazine

Inside The Healing Art Of Bibliotherapy

Bibliotherapy is premised on the idea that books can be healing tools. The main distinction is between clinical bibliotherapy, where texts, including fiction and nonfiction, are recommended by a clinical therapist, and nonclinical bibliotherapy, as practised by a facilitator such as a librarian. - The Walrus

It Seems Dogs Can Distinguish Between Different Human Languages

Researchers in Budapest using fMRI machines found very different activity in different parts of the brain when dogs heard Spanish, Hungarian, and nonsense words. This is the first study in which such an ability has been found in a non-primate species. - CNN

The “Freedom Libraries” Of The Jim Crow South

Starting in the "Freedom Summer" of 1964, impromptu libraries (the majority in Mississippi) using donated materials opened up at homes and churches, providing places where Black patrons could read and browse, things they weren't allowed to do in public libraries. - JSTOR Daily

Of Norman Mailer And Cancel Culture

A culturally and politically monotone graduate class, on board with just about every woke nostrum going, not only dominates publishing houses’ workforce – it is now trying to dominate publishers’ output, too. - spiked

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