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The Man Saving Cities One Historic Building At A Time

“These once-dead buildings are now living spaces where people work, eat and carry out their lives,” says Luis Martín Bogdanovich, the general manager of Prolima, the municipality’s program to recuperate the historic center. The impact of Arte Express on the center of Lima “extends far beyond the restored physical structures to the whole dynamic of the city center itself,” he says. - Ozy

The Tiniest Art Gallery (And Please Take The Art)

“The idea is pretty simple — anyone is welcome to leave a piece, take a piece or just have a look around and enjoy what’s inside,” said Stacy Milrany, a painter who runs a small, appointment-only gallery featuring her works. - Washington Post

The Prado Will Re-Hang Its Collection To Feature More Work By Women And Non-Spaniards

" has announced plans to make a 'far more inclusive' place by reordering its permanent collection to ensure greater representation of works by female and foreign artists. Miguel Falomir, the Prado's director, said 'one of the few positives consequences' of the COVID pandemic had been the time the museum's enforced closure had given staff to re-evaluate its treasures and how they were displayed." - The Guardian

Art Collector/Felon Tries To Redeem His Reputation With Museums (Built With Spaniards’ Tax Money)

" Polo, a financier whose roller-coaster career included a major art fraud scandal that landed him in prison, has recently resurfaced in central Spain, where last month he defied the coronavirus pandemic to inaugurate a museum in the medieval hilltop city of Cuenca that is devoted to his collection. His first art space opened in 2019, in Toledo, a city that once hosted the Spanish court of the Holy Roman Empire." - The New York Times

Border Wall SeeSaws Win Design Award

They were installed by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello at the Anapra zone in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. Even though they were only in place for 20 minutes, video footage of people using them went viral. - BBC

Reasoning Behind Tories’ Protect-Monuments-From-Mobs Law Is Rubbish

Charlotte Higgins: "What is happening in reality – and to a greater or lesser extent has been happening for years – is a reappraisal of what and who is celebrated in Britain’s public realm, as Britain gradually, painfully, and often inadequately, examines its colonial and imperial past. … What the Conservatives doggedly refuse to acknowledge is that a community deciding – or even a pressure group demanding – that a figure should no longer be revered on a plinth in the public realm has nothing to do with 'censoring' history or pretending the events of the past did not happen." - The Guardian

Egyptian Queen’s 4,200-Year-Old Tomb, 13-Foot Papyrus, And Even More Painted Coffins: The Latest Treasures Unearthed At Saqqara

"Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities has revealed details of the latest landmark discoveries to emerge from the Saqqara necropolis, south of Cairo. The vast burial grounds sit in what was once Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt. … Among the biggest rewards for Egyptologists in this latest round of discoveries was the identity of a queen who died around 4,200 years ago." - CBS News

Norway’s New Whale Museum Looks Like… A Whale

From far away, The Whale museum on the southern coast of Norway looks like, well, a whale — the tail of a whale emerging from water, to be more precise. But upon closer inspection, visitors will find that this architectural marvel is actually a scenic viewpoint and an educational center where they can learn about the local marine life. - Travel and Leisure

First New Blue Pigment In Two Centuries Now Available To Public

"YInMn Blue, the brilliant pigment discovered in 2009 at an Oregon State University lab, … was finally approved by the EPA for use in artists' materials last May. Chemist Mas Subramanian and his team serendipitously came upon it while conducting experiments with rare earth elements as part of their work with semiconductors." - Artnet

Fire At Brussels’s Major Art Museum

Flames broke out on the roof of Bozar (the Musée des Beaux-Arts) in the Belgian capital on Monday afternoon (Jan. 18). No civilians were injured (the museum was closed) and there's been no report of damage to the art collection; however, the museum's concert hall, a major Brussels venue, suffered water damage, especially to its pipe organ. - VRT (Belgium)

Discovery Of Oldest Cave Painting – Made 45,000 Years Ago – In Indonesia

Humans have hunted Sulawesi warty pigs for tens of thousands of years, and they are a key feature of the region’s prehistoric artwork, particularly during the ice age. - The Guardian

Orange County Museum Of Art Chooses New Director

Heidi Zuckerman, who hosts the independently produced podcast “Conversations About Art” and who wrote the “Conversations With Artists” book series, was at the Aspen Art Museum from 2005 to 2019. She revamped the institution’s mission, making it more contemporary, and oversaw the creation of a $45-million museum building designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban. - Los Angeles Times

The Baby Blimp Of The U.S. President Will Be Memorialized At The Museum Of London

The crowd-funded helium balloon made its first appearance during the 45th president's first UK state visit in 2018, and has since made something of a world tour. The creators: "We hope the baby’s place in the museum will stand as a reminder of when London stood against Mr Trump – but will prompt those who see it to examine how they can continue the fight against the politics of hate." - The Guardian (UK)

A Bold Proposal For Galleries

Cancel them. No reform. Abolition. "Why are horror stories of racism, sexism, and abuse in art galleries open secrets that remain unaddressed? The dominant agents of the commercial art world — galleries, auction houses, PR firms, and dealers — hold an obscene amount of power over images and their narratives. ... Employers are beholden to profit, and artists turn a blind eye. Employees fear retribution and lack lines of communication to critique their superiors. Art publications hesitate to speak ill of those supporting their ad revenue stream." - Hyperallergic

During The Pandemic, Art Going To Museums Needs Special Help

Art couriers can't ride in trucks with art, or ride in follow cars with other people, or generally do everything they used to do in order to get art where it needs to go - and to help mount it. What's happening now? Robots. (Well, iPads on wheels.) - NPR

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