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Major Layoffs Coming At London’s V&A Museum

"Vast cuts at the Victoria and Albert Museum are feared to be imminent, with curators and conservators in the line of fire. … Details of the museum's 'recovery strategy' were briefed to unions on Thursday. Staff are expecting to hear news of redundancies within days. One insider expressed dismay that the curatorial division may have to make 20% cuts." - The Guardian

More People Are Sending Nude Selfies Of Themselves. Why?

As the pandemic forces relationships to be conducted remotely, more people than ever are resorting to the virtual exchange of intimacies. Last autumn, a poll of 7,000 UK schoolchildren by the youth sexual health charity Brook put the figure at nearly one in five who said they would send a naked selfie to a partner during a lockdown. - The Guardian

160 Public Confederate Symbols Were Taken Down In 2020

In the group’s “Whose Heritage?” report, the Southern Poverty Law Center said that last year had been transformative, but that more than 2,100 symbols of the Confederacy remained, including 704 monuments. - The New York Times

Claim: Once-Proud Glasgow School Of Art Now A Toxic Mess

First there was the fire. "Since then, tragedy has turned to travesty and toxicity as a wall of silence coupled with multiple sackings has left Glasgow reeling. The city that was once renowned for both its hundred-plus years of artistic heritage and current can-do dozen Turner prize winners now has a vast burnt-out shell – literally – at its city centre and an even bigger hole in the Art School’s spiritual psyche." - Artlyst

Collection Worth $400 Million Donated To Seattle Art Museum

" 19 20th-century abstract expressionist and European masterworks — including those by Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning — from the Lang Collection, once owned by the late Medina philanthropists Jane Lang Davis and Richard E. Lang. The gift also includes an additional $10.5 million in dedicated funds for the museum." - The Seattle Times

Van Gogh Painting Unseen For More Than 130 Years Now On View

"A Street Scene In Montmartre has been owned by a French family for most of the time since it was painted in 1887. Sotheby's estimates it could fetch up to eight million euros (£6.9m) when it is sold at auction next month." - BBC

How The Indianapolis Museum Went Wrong (By The Guy Who Used To Run It)

"Every decision made by Charles Venable over the past decade seemed to be in service of remaking a museum founded in the 19th century into an income-generating attraction, when in fact it is a peer of other great Midwestern art museums that are open to the public for free and pursue an educational mission rather than masquerading as amusement parks." - Artnet

Critics Say The Prado Broke The Law When It Acquired A 20th-Century Painting

"The Prado paid €70,000 (around $85,000) for La Boulonnaise, a 1929 work by the Spanish painter María Blanchard. … But the move has riled some commentators, who point to a 1995 law dictating that any works created after 1881 belong in the collection of the Reina Sofia ." - Artnet

Commercial Art Galleries In UK Can Reopen Before Museums Do, And Museum Folks Are Furious

"Museum and gallery leaders in England have expressed anger, disappointment and bafflement at why commercial art galleries – which count as non-essential shops – can open five weeks before them. 'It is just nuts' said Rebecca Salter, the president of the Royal Academy of Arts which, like other public galleries, has been told it can reopen no sooner than 17 May. Shops, meanwhile, can open on 12 April." - The Guardian

The Group Of Seven Has Defined Canadian Art For 100 Years. It’s Time To Move On

After 101 years of reproducing the Group of Seven’s art to the point of saturation, it feels like the time has come to give other, contemporary voices the same opportunities. - The Walrus

How The Smithsonian Is Celebrating Its 150 Years

“The Smithsonian was always about how it could help the country reimagine itself, understand itself,” said Bunch, a historian and founding director of the popular National Museum of African American History and Culture. “The work we did with early aviation, even the way we collect history, which was always trying to ensure future generations understand how we got where we are. The notion is to help people recognize that they create the future." - Washington Post

How To Design A Memorial For The COVID Pandemic?

Several places in Italy and Great Britain are considering the question, and a few memorials have already gone up. " are not intended as sweeping monuments to the historical moment, but simple places to grieve and reflect." - The New York Times

It’s A 17,300-Year-Old Kangaroo: Australia’s Oldest Rock Art Identified

"A nearly-life-size depiction of a kangaroo — realistic genitalia included — is the oldest known rock painting in Australia. Scientists recently pinpointed its age to 17,300 years ago with a technique that had never been used on Australian ancient art before: measuring radioactive carbon in wasp nests from rocks near the artwork." - Live Science

Philip Guston’s Daughter Speaks Out On Postponement Of Her Father’s Show

To Musa Mayer’s dismay, her father, an antiracist and the son of immigrants who had fled antisemitic persecution, was now having his complex images misrepresented and their subject matter rendered simplistically provocative. - The Guardian

The Phillips Turns 100

The museum in Washington, DC, founded by Duncan and Marjorie Phillips, was a sensation when it opened as a museum of modern art, and it's been a refuge and inspiration since, including, at times, during the pandemic. "Dorothy Kosinski, director of the museum, tells a story: 'I was standing outside of the Phillips in the fall when we were open for a while. A woman came out, exhaled, and said, 'Oh! That was such a wonderful vacation!'" - NPR

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