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Italy Returns Piece Of The Parthenon Marbles To Greece

Sicily’s regional archaeological museum said Wednesday it had signed an agreement with the Acropolis Museum in Athens for a once-renewable, four-year loan of the small white marble piece it has, in exchange for a loan of a statue and vase. - Seattle Times (AP)

Now AI Is Learning To Analyze Individual Artists’ Brushstrokes And Attribute Paintings

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland trained the software on topographical scans of paintings (rather than the high-resolution digital images more commonly used) and found that it could match painting to artist with 96% accuracy. - The Art Newspaper

The South African Parliament Fire Was Disastrous, But At Least All Its Art Is Safe

The legislature's collections include nearly 4,000 items dating from the 17th century to the present day. Notable among them is the Keiskamma Tapestry, nearly 400 feet long, which depicts South African history from early indigenous peoples through the end of apartheid and the first democratic election. - Bloomberg

Art World Trends That Will Build In 2022

Above all else, the popularity of Immersive Everything spoke to the way in which a year-long period of cultural life existing mostly on tech platforms rewired how people think about culture, giving “art” a permanent cyborg makeover. - Artnet

Venice’s Calatrava Footbridge Is A Visual Surprise in An Ancient City. But Pedestrians Have Been Falling…

The glass floor of the bridge is slippery, and locals have learned to be careful. Warning signs posted by the city didn't help. So now the walkway will be replaced... - The New York Times

Designers Are Actually Making Solar Panels Attractive To Look At

In the hope that improved aesthetics will lead to wider adoption, solar technology companies and their designers are creating panels with decorative patterns, various colors and shapes that can be installed on building façades, and even solar-energy-generating textiles. - Fast Company

There Will Be No McDonald’s At Rome’s Baths Of Caracalla (Phew!)

The fast-food behemoth had originally obtained the city's permission to build the outlet on the site of a former garden center near the baths. Public outrage changed the city council's mind, and McDonald's (which already has 54 locations in Rome) has lost every appeal since. - Smithsonian Magazine

When Harry Reid Helped Michael Heiser Realize His Magnum Opus

A lesser-known part of his legacy—one that’s arguably just as enduring as his political feats—is his campaign to preserve Nevada land that is host to a famed Michael Heizer Land artwork. - ARTnews

Phantom Restorer Strikes Again – “Repairs” Historic Church

While the mayor’s report this fall of a “masked restorer” had set off angry calls for an investigation to find the culprit, information that surfaced later both complicated the whodunit and emphasized just how long these errant interventions had been plaguing the country. - The New York Times

LA Gets A Flashy New Cultural Center For “Older People”

The pavilion, a futuristic, three-story trapezoid with a wood-paneled event center, sunken garden and rooftop terrace in the center of the city, will serve Koreatown, which is among the city’s densest and most diverse neighborhoods. - The New York Times

Uffizi’s Director Wants Museums To Use Art To Address Social Ills

"Eike Schmidt, the director of Uffizi Galleries since 2015, … says it is now crucial for museums to play a role in highlighting the issues of today and confront the 'toxic social structures' of the past rather than simply glorifying its artists." - The Guardian

Why Are NYC’s Public Monuments Crumbling From Neglect?

Dozens of monuments and artworks await repairs and conservation that may never be forthcoming because of rising maintenance costs and shifting priorities to newer memorials. - The New York Times

The Art World’s Biggest Controversies Of 2021

"The public continued to interrogate museums over their treatment of workers, their attachments to patrons with problematic sources of wealth, and their dragon-like hold on items of questionable provenance." And then there's Hunter Biden … - Artnet

AI Robots Are Digitally Reconstructing Lost Works Of Great Art

It's happening with works by the likes of Klimt, Picasso, Rembrandt. Most controversially, if the only surviving photos of a lost work are in black-and-white, the software adds color. - The Washington Post

Second 1887 Time Capsule Found Under Robert E. Lee Statue

News accounts described its dozens of donated artifacts, including Confederate memorabilia. Based on historical records, some have also speculated the capsule might contain a rare photo of deceased President Abraham Lincoln. - The Guardian

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