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The Thing New Actors Misunderstand About The Job

Acting coach Howard Fine says that acting is “incredibly tough,” and if it’s not your passion, you better step away. - Slate

Performance Space New York Goes With A Triple-Leader Model

In a performance arts space, why not have three women with an equal vote making major decisions - and figuring out how to fund performance art in a challenging time? - The New York Times

Theatre For A Complex, Multivocal Street In The Nation’s Capital City

“To be able to participate in this project is to not only get to learn more about history, but also to have an outlet for the grief that I feel." - American Theatre

As Space In New York Gets Ever More Expensive, Indie Theatermakers Are Getting More Resourceful

In years past, what used to be called Off-Off-Broadway would take place on small, out-of-the-way stages in storefronts, schools or church basements. Post-pandemic, they're happening in people's living rooms or tiny backyards or on their rooftops. - Gothamist

Chicago’s Lookingglass Theatre, Nearly Dead Last Summer, Has A New Artistic Director And A New Business Plan

"The company, which was founded in 1988 by a group of Northwestern University graduates and achieved national fame for its original theatrical works, has been struggling financially since the COVID-19 crisis and has seen its theater production activities dwindle." - Chicago Tribune (MSN)

Texas School District Reverses Course, Will Allow High School Production Of “The Laramie Project”

When school district leaders in the Fort Worth suburb of Keller cancelled the production last month, they gave no specific reason but indicated that they'd prefer something more anodyne than a docudrama about the murder of a gay college student. But, facing resistance, the officials backed down. - The Dallas Morning News (MSN)

The World’s Largest International Comedy Festival, Montreal’s Just For Laughs, Is Cancelled For 2024

"Groupe Juste pour rire Inc. said that it is seeking protection from its creditors as it begins formal restructuring under Canada’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. … The company plans to continue operations in what it called a scaled-down format as it restructures (and) hopes the festival will return in 2025." - AP

From The Creator Of “A Strange Loop,” A Musical About A Vagina Dentata

"If you’re going to musicalize a horror movie, Teeth is a doozy, and a gamble. Darkly comic and at times stomach-churningly gory, it’s a touchstone of feminist body horror and an exemplar … of a rape-revenge film that indicts misogyny and body shame." - The New York Times

Off-Broadway Will Lose Its Theatres Without Support

“If Broadway is sustained by tourists, to use a sweeping generalisation, Off-Broadway is where the locals can be found, given the primarily limited run nature of what is offered. Losing theatres to high rents and redevelopment only contributes to the hollowing out of the city." - The Stage (UK)

Actor Who Uses Wheelchair Sues Shakespeare’s Globe For Employment Discrimination

"Athena Stevens is suing Shakespeare’s Globe for harassment, discrimination and victimisation, claiming she encountered ‘unfavourable' treatment because of her disability while working there” - and since the story first broke, new information about the Globe’s policies may have strengthened her claim. - The Stage (UK)

Wait, ‘Forbidden Broadway’ Is Headed For Broadway?

The newest version of the long-running humorous take on Broadway will spoof many, many Sondheim productions, including the current Merrily We Roll Along, as well as whatever else the current crop of shows tosses into the satirical maw. Will it also spoof itself? - The New York Times

The Volunteers Who’ve Pitched In To Keep UK Theatre Going

A theatre belongs to the people who make it more than just a building. That includes the volunteers just as much as it does the stars, staff and audience. - The Guardian

“Slave Play” In London Will Have Two Performances For Black Audiences, And Even The Prime Minister Has An Opinion

As during the play's Broadway run, the West End production will have "Black Out" nights, as playwright Jeremy O. Harris calls them, when Black playgoers can enjoy the show (in Harris's words) "free from the white gaze." More than in New York, some people are flipping out over this. - BBC

These Standup Comedy Workshops Are Driving Britain’s Right Wing Nuts

Why? Because the workshops, funded by the BBC, are for members of groups under-represented in standup: women, disabled, and LGBTQ people, yes — but also, crucially, working-class people. - The Guardian

Netflix Becomes A Broadway Producer

The company will pick up its first Broadway credit this spring as a producer of “Patriots,” by Peter Morgan, the creator of the hit Netflix series “The Crown.” - The New York Times

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