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What Do You Get When A Drag Queen Crosses Streaming Theater With A National Tour?

What you get is writer-performer Kris Andersson's Dixie’s Happy Hour, "a 95-minute performance streamed to patrons of 21 arts centers and theaters across the country. … A year into the pandemic, streaming shows are nothing new, but Andersson's approach of a touring schedule rather than a one-off with a particular theater is novel. As is his profit-sharing model: Hosting...

Texas Theatre Finds Success With Digital Theatre

“We are thinking that we will have a slate of work with both digital and in-person opportunities. Because digital is not going away. We’re in a digital space. There’s a lot to figure out from a union standpoint, an actors’ standpoint from all sorts of things about how we stay in the space, but I believe that it’s here...

The Comedy Industry’s Alt-Right Problem

"The mobs that descended on Washington, D.C., last month have intellectual roots in many places, going back to the bloody beginnings of this country. But they also have roots in specific areas of modern culture, including Facebook, BuzzFeed, and the increasingly online world of comedy. All the forces that incubated the rioters are still there, unchanged, chugging along as...

Facing Another COVID Summer, British Theatres Are Building Outdoor Stages

Social distancing is easier outdoors and there's more air circulation, not to mention the fact that, as one director puts it, "Outdoor arts is more accessible because it's in democratic open spaces." So companies across the UK are getting ready to perform outside their buildings, many for the first time, as soon as weather and health regulations permit. -...

What “Hamlet” Suggests About Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Rereading “Hamlet” after the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, I was struck by how fears of insurrection permeate the play. Every age sees itself in Shakespeare’s tragedy, but little did I expect to be reminded of the recent uprising and its poisonous politics when returning to this most philosophical of revenge dramas. - Los Angeles Times

NY Governor Cuomo Says Broadway May Reopen Soon

“Would I go see a play and sit in a playhouse with 150 people? If the 150 people were tested, and they were all negative, yes, I would do that,” Cuomo said during a press briefing. “I think reopening with testing is going to be the key.” - CNBC

Broadway’s Shutdown Has A Long Economic Reach

"By one count, Broadway is directly responsible for nearly 100,000 jobs in New York City alone and, as a leading attraction for people who travel to the city, it has an economic impact of nearly $15 billion." (video plus transcript) - PBS NewsHour

Broadway’s Master Hair Maker Packs It In

From “The Elephant Man” to “Chicago,” “Cats” to “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” Huntley was the designer behind the wigs and often-elaborate locks that helped define the lasting visual impression of some 300 projects, earning him a special Tony Award in 2003. - The New York Times

Broadway’s Wigmaster Decides To Hang It All Up

Paul Huntley has been doing wigs for so long that he can remember helping construct Elizabeth Taylor's braids for Cleopatra. He's been on Broadway since 1973. But now, after a fractured pelvis, a pandemic shutdown, and the delay of his final show - Diana - it's time to wind down and move back to London, he says. "There is...

Theatres Are Closed, Staff Are Furloughed, Colleagues Have Died, So How To Move Forward In 2021?

With joy. No, truly: "We must now work urgently, with purpose, centered in joy. ... This is not joyful expression solely for the purpose of joy; they are the tools that work in community and can withstand great stress." - American Theatre

With Their Theatres Closed, The French Turn To Puppet Shows

Performances for kids in schools are the only ones allowed under current COVID restrictions, so puppet shows are the only live theatre happening in France now. "The situation for French puppeteers is bittersweet. While it constitutes a return to their roots, as children remain their most faithful fans, many of them have worked hard to position the form as...

LA Theatre Raises $700K In A Single Online Fundraiser. Here’s How

It was with no small amount of happiness that Center Theatre Group this week said it had generated more than $700,000 through a single fundraising event: a boisterous Zoom party featuring an impressive list of theater makers and celebrities. The event was part of the RWQuarantunes program, launched last year by WME partner Richard Weitz and his teenage daughter,...

Theatre Of Screens (But Is It, Though?)

Whether or not onscreen theater feels like theater may depend on whether it offers a feeling of liveness, with all the potential for error and surprise and invention and anything-could-go-wrong-at-any-moment contingency that liveness affords. - The New York Times

Could We Really Revive The Federal Theatre Project? How Would That Work In 2021?

The short answer is that it couldn't work the way it did in the 1930s: the legal and theatrical landscape then was too different. (For a start, there was no such thing as not-for-profit theatre.) But there are certainly possibilities; here are a few of them. - American Theatre

Key Lesson For Theatres In The Pandemic? Adapting Is Key

“Are we going to come out of this moment with a new model or new models? No. But what if we were in a constant state of evolving our model? What if we didn’t do what we just did … and get so entrenched in it that getting out of it and moving past becomes this national conversation and...

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