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Claim: The COVID Shutdown Has Revolutionized And Democratized Theatre

"The result is a worldwide swarm of approaches that have profoundly opened up the possibilities of the form, most likely for good. The word ‘theatre’ stands at the starting post, all but outgrown. It now applies as much to something happening in the palm of your hand as it does to an event beamed to you from a thousand...

COVID Has Shown Us That Theatre Is Too Dependent On Its Buildings

Lyn Gardner: "At their best, are creative powerhouses, community hubs, a place of inspiration, succour and sanctuary. But often they come with self-perpetuating, top-down hierarchies" — not to mention burdensome running costs — "and fuel a self-importance around that building that keeps it from connecting with local networks, unknown artists, and from practices that do not conform to...

How A Bad Joke Ended Up In Canada’s Top Court

Comedian Mike Ward made a bad joke about a teenager with a disability back in 2010. The victim sued and the case is now in the Supreme Court. Many comedians are supporting Ward. "The support comes amid concern in stand-up comedy circles that it's found itself pulled into the debate around political correctness, free speech, censorship, and cancel culture....

How Can ‘Our Town’ Still Feel Utterly Contemporary, 80 Years After Its Opening?

Howard Sherman, author of a new book about the play: "It's a play that people think they know. People want to paint it as this old-fashioned love letter to the past. And that's not what it is at all." - NPR

So, No Spring Openings For Broadway, But You Can Find Some Gems, Safely, Online

All of this is true: "An effort to keep the industry alive has major stars taking to the virtual stage and much-lauded past productions available for streaming. These productions can’t compare with the energy of a full theater, but what they make up in accessibility is something that can’t be underestimated." - The New York Times

Outdoors Is The Way For The UK To Return To Theatre

Of course, "The British weather does not always help. A valiant 'drive-through' production of La Bohème staged in a car park by English National Opera last year did encounter problems owing to high winds: sometimes the elements cannot be entirely outfoxed. Nevertheless, the more sagacious arts organisations are looking ahead to alfresco possibilities." - The Guardian (UK)

Missing ‘Bridgerton’? Turn To TikTok

First there was Ratatouille: The Musical or Ratatousical, which raised more than a million dollars for actors, with the no doubt bemused blessing of Disney. Then TikTok went sea chanty. Now? It's Bridgerton: The Musical. (Bridgertousical?) "Barlow and Bear's frequent postings on social media have drawn lots of attention, including from Bridgerton cast members. And the pair says they've been approached...

Can Theatre Help Heal The United States’ Political Divides?

Well, that sounds hokey. But it's powerful, a program from Georgetown that, a co-founder says, shows "there is a particular power that performance has, to allow us to listen deeply, bear witness and ultimately empathize with each other." - Washington Post

Did The BBC Censor This Play About Buckingham Palace?

"Peter Barnes had 14 soliloquies on BBC Radio 3 under the umbrella titles Barnes' People and More Barnes' People. They attracted remarkable actors, including Laurence Olivier (in his final role), Judi Dench, Alec Guinness, Alan Rickman, Janet Suzman and Jeremy Irons. Barnes wrote, though, a 15th monologue, which the BBC, in mysterious circumstances, withdrew from production in 1990....

What Do You Get When A Drag Queen Crosses Streaming Theater With A National Tour?

What you get is writer-performer Kris Andersson's Dixie’s Happy Hour, "a 95-minute performance streamed to patrons of 21 arts centers and theaters across the country. … A year into the pandemic, streaming shows are nothing new, but Andersson's approach of a touring schedule rather than a one-off with a particular theater is novel. As is his profit-sharing model: Hosting...

Texas Theatre Finds Success With Digital Theatre

“We are thinking that we will have a slate of work with both digital and in-person opportunities. Because digital is not going away. We’re in a digital space. There’s a lot to figure out from a union standpoint, an actors’ standpoint from all sorts of things about how we stay in the space, but I believe that it’s here...

The Comedy Industry’s Alt-Right Problem

"The mobs that descended on Washington, D.C., last month have intellectual roots in many places, going back to the bloody beginnings of this country. But they also have roots in specific areas of modern culture, including Facebook, BuzzFeed, and the increasingly online world of comedy. All the forces that incubated the rioters are still there, unchanged, chugging along as...

Facing Another COVID Summer, British Theatres Are Building Outdoor Stages

Social distancing is easier outdoors and there's more air circulation, not to mention the fact that, as one director puts it, "Outdoor arts is more accessible because it's in democratic open spaces." So companies across the UK are getting ready to perform outside their buildings, many for the first time, as soon as weather and health regulations permit. -...

What “Hamlet” Suggests About Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Rereading “Hamlet” after the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, I was struck by how fears of insurrection permeate the play. Every age sees itself in Shakespeare’s tragedy, but little did I expect to be reminded of the recent uprising and its poisonous politics when returning to this most philosophical of revenge dramas. - Los Angeles Times

NY Governor Cuomo Says Broadway May Reopen Soon

“Would I go see a play and sit in a playhouse with 150 people? If the 150 people were tested, and they were all negative, yes, I would do that,” Cuomo said during a press briefing. “I think reopening with testing is going to be the key.” - CNBC

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