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Violinist Jeanne Lamon, Who Led Tafelmusik For 33 Years, Has Died At 71

In Canada, she brought Baroque music played on period instruments into the modern era. "Under her guidance — and with her often leading from the first-violin chair — the group developed an international reputation, performing all over the world in major concert halls, at universities, in churches, even in pubs" — not to mention the recordings. - The New...

It Seems Philosopher John Locke Was Kind Of A Jerk

"John Locke is regarded today as one of England's greatest philosophers, an Enlightenment thinker known as the 'father of liberalism'. But a previously unknown memoir attributed to one of his close friends paints a different picture – of a vain, lazy and pompous man who 'amused himself with trifling works of wit', and a plagiarist who 'took from others...

Meet Recycler Joe Rush, The Outrageous Outsider Artist

“My life has been about reclaiming that nomadic spirit. All the festivals we’ve taken part in over the years are really just an echo of what happened when nomadic tribes came into the valleys in summer and partied.” - The Guardian

The Extraordinary Musician And Teacher You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

I sat in on some of his lessons, and was mesmerized. What a mind! What profound, probing musicianship! And what a strange man… - Van

Judith Farr, Poet And Emily Dickinson Scholar, Dead At 85

"A longtime professor at Georgetown University, published two seminal academic books examining the place of art and nature in Dickinson's poetry, The Passion of Emily Dickinson (1992) and The Gardens of Emily Dickinson (written with Louise Carter, 2004). Dr. Farr also ventured into the realm of fiction and poetry, penning an epistolary novel about Dickinson as well as...

Robert Quackenbush, Who Wrote Stories Of Detectives With Feathers Or Fur, Dead At 91

"His stories about Miss Mallard, an inquisitive duck who solves crimes around the world in plots that resemble Agatha Christie capers, were adapted into an animated television series in 2000. He also conceived of sleuthing critters like Sheriff Sally Gopher and Sherlock Chick, who starts his investigations immediately after hatching from an egg (he emerges holding a magnifying glass)....

Soprano Gianna Rolandi, 68

New York-born, South Carolina-raised and Curtis-trained, she became one of the top American coloraturas of her generation and one of the stars of New York City Opera, where she was a protégée of Beverly Sills. She later went on to direct the young artists' program, the Ryan Opera Center, at Lyric Opera of Chicago, where her husband, conductor Andrew...

Rich Guy Goes To Hollywood, Improbably Makes It Big As Movie Mogul

At a time of entertainment industry upheaval, David Ellison has transformed Skydance into the rarest of Hollywood businesses — a thriving, built-from-scratch, all-audiences, independent studio. - The New York Times

Listen To A Never-Aired 1979 James Baldwin Interview (And Read Why It Never Aired)

The far-ranging interview was a resounding success... When the reporter inquired about the delay in airing it, ABC reported that it had been scrapped, because, “Who wants to listen to a Black gay has-been?” - Esquire

Journalist Janet Malcolm, 86

"A longtime New Yorker staff writer and the author of several books, the Prague native practiced a kind of post-modern style in which she often called attention to her own role in the narrative, questioning whether even the most conscientious observer could be trusted." - AP

More Evidence That Jane Austen Was Probably Anti-Slavery

"Austen's personal values — namely, whether she supported slavery — have been debated by literary enthusiasts and experts who read her work like a cipher. A new discovery brother Henry was sent as a delegate to the World Anti-Slavery Convention in 1840." What's more, one of Austen's letters "mentions her love of the work of Thomas Clarkson, an...

Big Thinker Edward de Bono, 88

Through his 60-plus books, including The Mechanism of Mind (1969), Six Thinking Hats (1985), How to Have A Beautiful Mind (2004) and Think! Before It’s Too Late (2009), as well as seminars, training courses and a BBC television series, De Bono sought to free us from the tyranny of logic through creative thinking. - The Guardian

‘Choking On Sanctimony And Lacking In Compassion’: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Slams Social Media’s Social Justice Warriors

"The assumption of good faith is dead. What matters is not goodness but the appearance of goodness. We are no longer human beings. We are now angels jostling to out-angel one another. God help us. It is obscene." - The Guardian

Jon Meacham, The Ubiquitous Historian

He is the intellectual of the moment, this soft-spoken biographer of great men. Meacham whispers in the president’s ear and appears on TV constantly. - Harper's

Inquest: John Le Carré Died After Fall In Bathroom

The author of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, fractured his ribs in the fall. - BBC

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