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Russian Air Force Bombs Theater Where More Than 1,000 Ukrainians Were Sheltering

Very luckily, it appears that most of the civilians inside the Mariupol Drama Theater were able to get down to the building's bomb shelter before the shelling started, and the survivors have begun to emerge. - CNN

Ballerina Quits Bolshoi Ballet Over War

It was announced on Wednesday that Olga Smirnova, who was born and raised in St Petersburg, has now joined the Dutch National Ballet, where she will start immediately alongside the Brazilian soloist Victor Caixeta, who has left the Mariinsky Ballet in St Petersburg in response to the war. - The Guardian

The Siren Call Of Cosmopolitan Universal Language

Latin, classical Arabic and Sanskrit were no one’s mother tongue. They are cosmopolitan tongues, mega-languages that evolved to facilitate communication between local dialects, then expanded to become world languages. - Psyche

New York’s New Wage Transparency Law Will Affect The Arts

“The US art world is notorious for being vague about salaries. A job might pay $40,000; it might pay $80,000. Right now, you can’t necessarily tell, so you have to negotiate. But, after this law, they are going to have to be open with you from the start.” - The Art Newspaper

This Scientist Has Worked Out A Model Of Human History That Suggests Bad Times Ahead

Peter Turchin has been warning for a decade that a few key social and political trends portend an “age of discord,” civil unrest and carnage worse than most Americans have experienced. - The Atlantic

EU Approves Amazon Acquisition Of MGM

The European Commission, which reviewed the merger, said it would not significantly reduce competition. - Axios

Study: Pandemic Recovery Across The Arts Is Uneven

While reductions in sales and revenues in 2020 were universally catastrophic, the pace of recovery between and within nations in 2021 was very varied, both geographically and by venue type. - TRG

Paul Taylor Dance Company Chooses Classical Ballet Star As Resident Choreographer

"Until the fall, Lauren Lovette was an esteemed principal at New York City Ballet, but now she has crossed over into modern dance and has been named the first resident choreographer at the Paul Taylor Dance Company." - The New York Times

Museums Are Re-Examining Their Security Arrangement Following MoMA Stabbings

"Given the rarity of violence within museums, most are protected by security guards who are typically unarmed and capable of detecting and responding to events — but they are not equipped to do more than report an intruder with a weapon." - The New York Times

Beloved Musical Theatre Coach Dies After Being Shoved

Barbara Maier Gustern, a celebrated Broadway singing coach who worked with the likes of Debbie Harry, Justin Vivian Bond and Taylor Mac, has died after being shoved to the ground in Manhattan last week. She was 87. - Gothamist

William Forsyth: What Makes Great Dance

You have to ask: why are people in the theatre? With dance, especially classical ballet, it still often does have to do with some celebratory facet. If someone does a triple turn in the air, we all applaud. This guy prevailed over physics and centrifugal force. - The Guardian

Remembering Dance Legend Yuriko, 102

Known simply as Yuriko, she could project innocence, serenity or a mystical quality onstage. Yuriko also starred on Broadway in The King and I and Flower Drum Song, later staging productions of the former. - Dance Magazine

The Design For Melbourne’s Huge New Contemporary Art Museum Is Revealed

The nearly 200-foot-tall NGV Contemporary — which, at 323,000 square feet (140,000 of display space), will be Australia's largest art museum when it opens in 2028 — will feature a 130-foot spherical atrium surrounded by a Frank Lloyd Wright/Guggenheim-style spiral walkway. - The Age (Melbourne)

NYU Offers A Class In Taylor Swift 101

In class, they re-examined the time Mr. West, the rapper who recently changed his name to Ye, jumped on stage and interrupted Ms. Swift’s acceptance speech during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. - The Wall Street Journal

Philosophers On TikTok (Yes, It’s A Thing)

Search the hashtag #Philosophy and you could find a tenured professor discussing Aristotle or Hannah Arendt, Plato or Peter Singer. If you're lucky, you could come across a couple of philosophy teachers rapping about the theory of utilitarianism. - Slate

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