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Have We Been Traumatized By The Proliferation Of Therapy-Speak?

"Around every corner, trauma, like the unwanted prize at the bottom of a cereal box. The trauma of puberty, of difference, of academia, of women’s clothing. When I asked Twitter whether the word’s mainstreaming was productive, I was struck by two replies. First, overapplying the term might dilute its meaning, robbing “people who have experienced legitimate trauma of language that is already oftentimes too thin.” And, second, invoking “trauma” where “harm” might suffice could play into the hands of “people who despise and fear vulnerability.” - The New Yorker

What Will Happen To NYC’s Thriving Burlesque Scene?

Many burlesque entertainers pull together a living in New York through a variety of performance gigs, while others use it as a release from more conventional day jobs. The city had been a hub for burlesque for more than a decade; before the pandemic, you could find a show on almost any given night in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. - The New York Times

What Powered The Enlightenment

There was no single Enlightenment message: instead it was a cacophony of voices, speaking and writing in all the languages of Europe. There were great figures, many of whom are still familiar today, whose names were honoured in salons from Portugal to Austria and France to Sweden. Diderot, Voltaire and Kant were household names, but Ritchie Robertson argues for a varied, inclusive and rather unhierarchical image of the Enlightenment: one in which French bishops, English jurists and German poets, most of whom are now long forgotten, participated in equal measure. - History Today

How The Oakland Symphony Built Its Record Of Social Justice

Michael Morgan believes the power of the symphony orchestra lies in its ability to be harnessed for a diversity of musical styles and genres. As such, he views the orchestra as a way to bring people together in community, especially groups that have historically been excluded from these kinds of arts and culture spaces.  “Our primary question is ‘who’s not here?’ And we look around the room, and see who is not there." - Oaklandside

Fans File BBB Complaints Over Confusion in Multiple “Immersive” Van Gogh Shows

Nearly 200 complaints have been filed on the BBB site against Fever, the ticketing company for the event, with at least two dozen about this specific exhibit. Customers have cited their frustration over mistaking Fever’s version for a similar exhibit from a different company, called “Immersive Van Gogh” and wanting a refund, but not being able to get one due to company policy. The BBB also mentioned in its warning about this show that there are additional Van Gogh-themed events touring in the United States, including “Imagine Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” and “Van Gogh Alive.” - Seattle Times

A New “Golden Era” For The Arts When Things Reopen?

Antonio Pappano, music director at the Royal Opera House, said he expects “an explosion of desire” from audiences when they return to theatres, concert halls, museums and galleries. - The Evening Standard (UK)

HarperCollins Buys The Trade Division Of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Narrowing Publishing’s Ownership Again

And, in this case, narrowing it to give more power to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. "The acquisition will help HarperCollins expand its catalog of backlist titles at a moment of growing consolidation in the book business. Houghton Mifflin publishes perennial sellers by well-known authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, George Orwell, Philip Roth and Lois Lowry, as well as children’s classics and best-selling cookbooks and lifestyle guides." - The New York Times

The Queen Of England’s Houses Cannot Be Searched For Looted Cultural Artifacts

Wait, are palaces like Sandringham likely to host stolen cultural artifacts? We'll never know - at least not from the police, who are barred by a 2017 law from searching the royal residences. - The Guardian (UK)

Merry Clayton’s Unstoppable Voice

Mere months after her star turn in 20 Feet from Stardom, the singer was in a car accident so terrible that she spent five months in the hospital and years undergoing rehab. "Clayton said her family sat by her bedside crying profusely while a team of doctors came into the room. 'I wondered, ‘What the heck is going on?’' she said. The doctor delivered the news about her legs. 'They thought I was just going to fall out at that point. But I just asked them, ‘Did anything happen to my voice?’ When they said no, I started singing.'" - The New York Times

Charlotte Rampling Is 75 And Still, As She Says, Pinging

The actor started performing when she was 14, feeling like most 14-year-olds - awkward and unlovable ... until she got onstage. "I felt so great on stage. We wore fishnet tights, macs and berets, and sang a series of sweet French songs. I knew I was good, because I was absolutely in tune with myself at that moment." - The Guardian (UK)

Alberta Badly Wants TV And Film Productions To Film In The Province

The province used to have a cap "that limited film and television productions to a maximum $10-million tax credit claim." That cap is now gone. - CBC

An Online Museum Brings Home The Sights And Sounds Of War Letters

The Museum of American War Letters is offering not just glimpses of the letters, but audio of tapes and other communications sent back home by soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. Right now, it's mostly focused on Vietnam, but it plans to expand, and it's open to anyone who wants to visit, virtually. "The institution has no street address — it’s a virtual, interactive museum that was designed to give visitors the sense of traveling through a physical building with a floor, ceiling and walls." - The New York Times

The Choreographer Behind Those Dancing Robots

Monica Thomas: "I spent time watching the robots move to get a sense of joint flexibility, etc. I then made a dance on my body to act out each part. I hired dancers to learn this choreography, which allowed it to be put together in one sequence for filming. I gave a video of the whole dance to Boston Dynamics, as well as each robot's part." And that was just the beginning. - Dance Magazine

Idea: Put London’s Bandstands To Good, Musical Use

Small-scale, outdoor productions could take place in nearly every park that has a bandstand. They just need some attention, and the concerts need some intention. "They are structures unlike any others: halfway between the outside world we crave and the domestic interior to which we have been urged to retreat. They are often beautiful – flashing their finials – and often neglected, with mossy roofs and scuzzy floors." - The Guardian (UK)

Will Lawmakers Finally Reconsider Conservatorship Laws In The Wake Of The Free Britney Movement And Documentary?

It's not just the documentary, of course, but ... "Public scrutiny of the court-ordered guardianship has exploded with the #FreeBritney movement backed by fans turned activists and the recent New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears." - Los Angeles Times

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