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How Many Composers Ever Get To Have Two Operas Premiere In New York At The Same Time?

"One new opera demands an enormous amount of attention, but two is downright invasive," says Ricky Ian Gordon. His Intimate Apparel (adapted by Lynn Nottage from her play) is at Lincoln Center Theater, while New York City Opera is producing The Garden of the Finzi-Continis. - The New York Times

The Oakland Symphony After Michael Morgan’s Death

Morgan’s leadership — which was characterized by people who knew and worked with him as values-based, community-oriented, and energetic — left no doubt among those at the Oakland Symphony about what the identity of the organization moving forward would be. - San Francisco Classical Voice

What America Listens To: Mostly Oldies (Is That A Problem?)

According to MRC Data, old songs now represent 70% of the US music market. Those who make a living from new music—especially that endangered species known as the working musician—have to look on these figures with fear and trembling. - Ted Gioia

Philadelphia Orchestra Set For Its First Tour Since The Pandemic Began

"It will be a short sojourn, with the ensemble playing a total of four concerts in Iowa City, Iowa; Stillwater, Oklahoma; and Ann Arbor, Michigan. … Podium duties will be shared by principal guest conductor Nathalie Stutzmann and music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin." - MSN (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Right After His First Post-Lockdown Concerts, Colorado Springs Philharmonic’s Music Director Announces Departure

Josep Caballé Domenech, who succeeded Lawrence Leighton Smith in 2011, said that he'll step down after next season (May 2023), when his current contract ends. The decision seems to have taken the orchestra and administration by surprise. - The Gazette (Colorado Springs)

Music Streaming Subscriptions Grew Spectacularly In 2021

Worldwide streaming subscriptions grew by a healthy 26.4% in the second quarter of 2021, standing at 521.3 million subscribers at the end of that period, an increase of 109.5 million from the year before. - Variety

Why Does Classical Music Stay Mired In The Hits?

Over the previous couple of generations, the canon has changed but it has consistently seemed to have been limited in scope and dependent on big names to anchor programs. - Nightingale Sonata

How Animals Process Music

First, it’s important to note that our furry friends process sound somewhat differently than we do. Human society is largely sight- and touch-focused. Domesticated dogs and cats, conversely, are renowned for their strong sense of hearing. - Animal Wellness Magazine

Hamburg’s Massively Expensive Elbphilharmonie Has Proven A Massive Success

By the time the concert hall opened in 2017, it was six years late and had cost €866 million, ten times the initial budget. Five years on, concert audiences have tripled, subscriptions have quadrupled, and the "Elphi" is a beloved symbol of the entire city. - The Guardian

What Qualities Ought The Next Music Director Of The Kansas City Symphony Have?

The Symphony board could make a statement by requiring, for one thing, that Michael Stern’s successor take up full-time residence in Kansas City. - KCStudio

Music Catalogs Are Fetching Massive Prices For The Creators

But are those dollar values in any way justified? One trade publication said more than $5 billion "changed hands through music rights acquisitions last year, including publishing assets and recordings, with more to come in 2022." - Los Angeles Times

The Musician Who Painstakingly Assembled A Mobile Drum Set, Only To Have It All Stolen

Percussionist Sheriff Drumman "hand-crafted the metal that made the setup possible, cutting, shaping and bending each slab before adding the eye-catching details and the bright “#SheriffDrumman” sign hoisted high above." - Los Angeles Times

Ronnie Spector’s Spirit, And Sound, Echo Through Generations Of Music

Her fire and energy could not be contained. "Spector kept working and collaborating throughout her life ... but you get the feeling that, even if she’d spent the years slumped on a beanbag watching daytime soaps, her influence wouldn’t – couldn’t – have stopped spreading." - The Guardian (UK)

How Disney Came Up With Its Biggest Hit Since Frozen’s Let It Go

Don't talk about Bruno! But in reality: "Everyone is finding a different entry point, whether it’s a specific moment or character dynamic. There’s something in it for everybody and, honestly, it’s just delicious." - The New York Times

Inside Thomas Dausgaard’s Sudden Departure From The Seattle Symphony

Yes, music directors quit all the time, but virtually never in the middle of a season and, in the modern era, not effective immediately. - Post Alley

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