Friday, October 15, 2021

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Figures Are In: North American Movie Box Office Income Was Down 80% In 2020

"As predicted, domestic movie tickets sold between Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 came generated an estimated $2.3 billion (or $2.28 billion) compared to $11.4 billion in 2019, according to Comscore estimates. That's the lowest showing in at least 40 years." - The Hollywood Reporter

In China, Foreign Films Have Lost Half Their Market Share In One Year

"Imported films accounted for only about a sixth of China's total box office in 2020, a nearly 55% decrease year-on-year, industry data tracker Maoyan Entertainment said Monday. The decline highlights the chaos COVID-19 has wrought on Hollywood release schedules as well as the diminishing appeal of foreign content in what has just become the world's largest film market." - Variety

Quibi Didn’t Last, But Its Shows May Move To Roku

The short-form site crashed and burned mere months after rolling out millions of dollars worth of shows, but Roku is already offering ad-supported free content through its own channel on its own devices. - Variety

David Fincher Hates Hollywood

Or at least the "unhappiest auteur" hates happy endings. Manohla Dargis dives deep on the director and his "beautiful bummers," including, of course, the newish Mank, "a movie that, in its broadest strokes, enshrines its own loathing of the industry, partly through its strained relationship to the truth." - The New York Times

How To Reprise A Role 34 Years Later

Step one is to fight against 1980s racist tropes. Tamlyn Tomita: "I said I would love to, this would be so fun, but the only caveat is that because I’m older, because I’m a little bit more knowledgeable and I’m going to fight for it anyway — I need to be able to inject a truer picture of Okinawa." - Los Angeles Times

Percentage Of Women Directors Is Slowly Creeping Upward

The headlines say it's a record, but is 16 percent something to brag about? Hollywood thinks maybe. (It's certainly a better record than 2018's 4 percent. Four.) - Variety

TV Production Stays On Holiday Hiatus In Los Angeles As Covid Numbers Rise And Rise

Positive cases have been identified - in one case described as a cluster of infections - in several of the studios where production won't return for an extra week or two. - Los Angeles Times

Hollywood Had Rules, And In 2020, It Busted Them All

A lot happened to the moviemaking business in 2020, but not a lot of it by choice. "Since March, the industry has, in effect, attempted to defibrillate its own heart attack while also reattaching its severed limbs and recover from a grand mal seizure, all at the same time. We’re lucky to have Croods 2." Yikes. (And here's a list of all the former norms that are gone.) - Vulture

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