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Netflix Is Obligated To Carry Russian Propaganda In Russia. It Isn’t… For Now

News that Netflix would likely be forced to broadcast Russian propaganda sparked a furious response from subscribers in the West, with hundreds taking to Twitter, and some terminating their membership. - Wired

Podcasts And Radio Are More Persuasive When Listened To Through Headphones: Study

"Researchers from (three University of California campuses) have found that when people listen to auditory messages – like podcasts, audiobooks, and radio news – via headphones, they feel more empathetic and persuadable than when listening to those same messages through speakers." - The Guardian

AMC Movie Theatres Experiment With Variable Ticket Pricing

“This is all quite novel in the United States, but actually AMC has been doing it for years in our European theaters. Indeed, in Europe we charge a premium for the best seats in the house — as do just about all sellers of tickets in other industries — take sports events, concerts and live theater, for example.” - Deadline

Guillermo del Toro To Oscars: This Isn’t The Year To Change Things

Del Toro commented: ”If any year was the year to think about it, this is not the year not to hear their names live at the Oscars. This is the year to sing and do it live.” - Variety

Another NPR Host Departs

Sam Sanders, who joined the network in 2009 and has hosted the radio show/podcast It's Been A Minute with Sam Sanders since 2017, said in his statement, "I'm taking about a month off, and then I'll be making something new again" — which likely means he's leaving for another job. - NPR

Canada’s Plan To Make Tech Giants Pay For News

The Online News Act, like Australia’s code, will compel Google and Meta to agree licensing deals for the online content of broadcasters as well as written news publishers. - Press-Gazette

Why Are Hedge Funds Buying Local TV Stations?

“Local TV still has large audiences. Even with so much programming chasing , there’s only so many hours in the day. The strength of local stations that produce local news, weather and sports is that this is the kind of thing that is very personal to people. - Variety

How TikTok Is Similar To Victorian-Era Parlor Games

In the 1840s, a similar interest in amateur play took hold in the United States. ‘Home amusements’, as one guidebook dubbed them, ranged from elaborately scripted and staged theatrical entertainments and living pictures (tableaux vivants) to simple charades, pantomimes and optical illusions.  - Psyche

Suddenly, Ireland’s Film Industry Is Booming

"Ireland is now host to dozens of international feature films in production or post-production and a multitude of TV series,' with spending in the industry up 40% last year alone. "Part of the boom is down to the insatiable global demand for content fueled by streaming platforms." - The Guardian

The New Host Of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday: Ayesha Rascoe

Currently the network's White House correspondent, Rascoe formally succeeds Lulu Garcia-Navarro in late March. - NPR

SAG Awards: In-Person Awards Shows Return

The 28th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards pulled off the first in-person awards ceremony of 2022, moving ahead as if things were normal after other gatherings canceled or went entirely virtual due to the omicron variant. - Variety

China’s Formerly Intense Appetite For Anything Hollywood Has Disappeared

"In the last few years, as China’s diplomatic relations with the west – and in particular the US – plummeted, the preferences of Chinese audiences changed, too." Now homegrown Chinese media is in vogue, changing Hollywood calculations (and funding). - The Observer (UK)

The Crown’s Jewels (And Other Props) Were Stolen

"The props are collectively valued at roughly $200,000, and include a replica of a Fabergé egg, several sets of silver and gold candelabra, a clock face of a William IV grandfather clock, a 10-piece silver dressing table set and crystal glassware and decanters ."- The New York Times

Wait, What Film Just Won At The SAG Awards?

That's right: CODA. And though it was the biggest surprise, it wasn't the only one in an unpredictable evening. - CBC (AP)

Ireland’s Film Business Is Booming

It's so intense right now that "Screen Ireland ... is to open five film academies, including one specialising in animation, to keep up with the demand for talent." - The Guardian (UK)

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