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When Artworld Value Is About Economic Value, We All Lose

Converting "qualities to quantities”, replacing “critical evaluation with economic, technical evaluation”, making “the price system” the ultimate judge, turning institutions into markets and individuals into competing contestants are all hallmarks of the neoliberal vision of a more efficient, productive society. They also characterise quite a lot of what is going on in the art world at the moment. -...

Journalists Are Coming To Terms With Their Relationships With Tech Companies. How About Academics?

Just as journalistic embargoes aren’t universally bad or unprofessional, academic embargoes might not be either. But conversations about the ethics of “access scholarship” are far less mature than debates about “access journalism.” (Though such journalism still dominates cultures of political reporting, it at least has a name and prominent critics.) - NiemanLab

Arts Donations Down By 13% In North America And A Third In Britain — But There’s Good News!

Yes, 2020 was a no-good-very-bad year for the arts (and most everything else), but a new study from TRG Arts and Purple Seven has at least a few glad tidings. In the U.S. and Canada, half of the arts organizations surveyed took in more total gift income than in 2019, and three-quarters attracted more individual donors than the previous...

An Analysis Of How Colorado Arts Organizations Have Survived During COVID

“I’d say that size, discipline, history of percentage split of earned/contributed revenue, and dependency on partnerships and fee-for-service have all played a role in an organization’s ability to adapt, survive and even thrive during the pandemic.” - Colorado Sun

Is Art Created By AI Copywritable?

For an artwork to be copyrightable, it must possess some “minimal degree of creativity” and be original to the “author.” This leads us to ask questions that test the boundaries of the traditional legal framework: Can AI generated work be deemed creative, and if so, who would be credited as the creative author? - Americans for the Arts

Tough Questions For Cultural Industries Post-COVID

Applied to the cultural and creative industries, this involves asking tough questions on the current working conditions, financial stability and social recognition of artists, as well as extending sustained non-monetary support such as counselling for those who have had to weather a seemingly perpetual storm. Only then can the sector turn to long-term rebuilding strategies, which must include reinvestment...

UK Parliament Told Festivals Could Be Safe This Summer

"The idea that the festivals can't go ahead and be socially-distanced is inaccurate," one festival director told the House of Commons Culture Select Committee, which is examining the live music sector. - BBC

America’s Leading Black Classics Scholar Says The Field Needs A Complete Overhaul. Is That Even Possible?

Dan-el Padilla Peralta came to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic at age 4 and grew up extremely poor; it was his childhood fascination with ancient Greece and Rome, combined with his academic talents, that got him school scholarships and pulled him out of poverty and into a professorship at Princeton. Today he argues that his discipline, as it...

DC’s Duke Ellington High School For The Arts Is Unique. So Why Is It Being Abandoned?

It has been educating future artists and entertainers for 47 years. It also ranks in the top 7 percent of U.S. schools in challenging its students academically. Few campuses nationally have students as enthusiastic about their school. Yet Ellington officials say the people who run D.C. public schools have failed to honor promises they made in 2017 to put the...

How US Presidents Engage With Washington Culture

There are early signs that new president Biden and his vice-president, Kamala Harris, "could provide a much-needed boost for cultural scene hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and focus attention on the District of Columbia’s (DC’s) long campaign for statehood." - The Guardian

How The Arts Reinvented During The Trump Years

"The arts in the past four years have evolved in ways that are as broad and powerful as they are now commonplace. Many artists and arts groups seem determined to do nothing less than change the world. As one example, there’s probably not a single major museum, orchestra, or arts center that isn’t thinking about inclusion in everything it...

Apple Also Blames Facebook For Undermining Democracy

And now there's a tug of war about the future of the internet - and the future of any kind of privacy. - Wired

Survey: When American Arts Organizations Plan To Resume Live Performances

The study surveyed 104 organizations, including 91 in the United States and 13 in Canada, from Dec. 12, 2020 through Jan. 12, 2021. The study found that, among U.S. organizations, companies in the Southeast, Southwest, and South are the most optimistic, with a majority planning a return before July. Companies in the Midwest, West, and Northeast mostly plan returns...

Playwright: We Need To Stop Cancel Culture

“I do not consent to being part of an arts community that engages in witch hunts of people who don’t think like me,” Carmen Aguirre says in the nearly 30-minute video, which she posted to YouTube. “If I am to argue with someone because I oppose their views or even find their views harmful, then I’d like the argument...

Hey, Joe And Kamala! You Know Who Can Help You Save America? Arts Researchers!

"In addition to being creative thinkers and makers, many artists, designers and architects are also researchers whose work reveals new insights and approaches to solving some of the most complex challenges facing our world. … It is vital that our federal government includes art researchers so that their unique perspectives and voices can help catalyse change for a better...

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