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The Case For Government Investment In The Arts

Does it register, for example, that for every $1 billion turned over in the arts, around 4,300 new jobs are created? Compared to the construction industry where for every $1 billion, just 1,200 new jobs are created? - ArtsHub

Despite Years Of House Arrest, Exile, And A Horrendous War, Kirill Serebrennikov Will Keep Defending Russian Culture

"Russian culture is about the fragility of life," says the award-winning stage and film director. "It's about people who are under oppression. Who are fighting for truth or justice. That's real culture. Not ideological culture. Not propaganda. I think it's not good to boycott this kind of culture." - Variety

A New Generations Of Deaf Artists (And Arts)

While the level of deaf visibility may feel new to most, we need to understand that scores of talented deaf writers and creatives have always been there, and have always deserved to be heard. What’s changing now is the hearing world’s willingness to listen. - The Guardian

Why a Heightened Concern For Cultural Appropriation Now?

"It's easier than ever to steal a motif or a craft technique and transfer it on to a piece of clothing that is either mass produced or appears on a runway without credit or compensation to their original communities." - BBC

As An Election Approaches, Australia’s Main Opposition Party Announces A More Expansive Arts Policy

The Australian Labor Party "has pledged more transparent funding to arts and cultural institutions, an examination of a national insurance scheme to protect the live performance sector from further shutdowns, and a plan to boost Australian content on multinational streamers." - The Guardian

Netflix Explicitly Tells Employees They’ll Just Have To Deal With Content They Find Offensive

In what looks like a reaction - some might call it an over-reaction - to the employee walkouts over Dave Chapelle's transphobic jokes, the streamer changed its "corporate culture" memo, saying employees "may have to work on content that they 'perceive as harmful.'" - NPR

Disney Hasn’t Had This Much Trouble With Its Public Image Since The Early Days Of WWII

"The characters in the showdown were as colorful as any drawn on the studio's animation cels: union activists, gangsters, communists and anti-communists, and, not least, Walt Disney himself, who, dropping his avuncular persona, played a long game of political hardball." - Salon

The Conservative Fifth Circuit Lets Texas End Social Media Moderation

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, "Oral arguments were held on Monday this week, and the judges 'seemed to struggle with basic tech concepts.'" The tech companies will likely appeal. - Wired

Why An American Media That Can’t Say More Than Shma-Shmortion Helped Predict This Moment

Look at 2007's Knocked Up. It's "a self-consciously edgy movie that declines, again and again, to say the word abortion out loud. It has much to say about Roe’s looming tragedy—precisely because, so often, it opts to say nothing at all." - The Atlantic

Stage Director Ivo Van Hove Has Got Himself A Festival

The Belgium-born, Amsterdam-based director, known in the US for his Broadway stagings of A View from the Bridge, The Crucible, Network, and West Side Story, will be artistic director of the Ruhrtriennale, one of Europe's largest interdisciplinary arts festivals, for the 2024-26 cycle. -

Depression Is Twice As Prevalent In The Performing Arts As In The General Population, Finds Researcher

A review, commissioned by the British branch of Actors' Equity, of 111 academic studies performed over 20 years found (among other conclusions) that, in addition to the depression figures, performers are from four to ten times (depending on the particular genre) as likely as regular folks to suffer anxiety. - The Guardian

“There’s A Financial Cliff Ahead Of Us”: For Performing Arts In L.A., COVID Recovery Is Slow, Unsteady, And Nerve-Wracking

As one director of a presenting venue puts it, "It's like, we're driving straight up (to) the cliff ... but we're swerving and bumping and jogging, and there's still a cliff there. We know it's coming, but we have no idea when we're gonna get there." - Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)

How Many Ukrainian Cultural Sites Have Russian Forces Destroyed In This War?

UNESCO's confirmed count stands at 127, while President Volodymyr Zelensky said last week that the number is nearly 200. Much of that destruction was clearly deliberate; "Targeted attacks on museums" said Zelensky, "this wouldn't cross even a terrorist's mind. But this is the army that's waging war on us." - Artnet

The Difficulties Of Protecting Cultural Heritage In War

“It’s still a way to erase identity,” said Corine Wegener, on why culture continues to be a major target in contemporary warfare. Some 200 cultural sites in Ukraine have already been reported to have been targeted in the war with Russia. ARTnews

They’re Going To Put A Zipline And Cable Car Into Old Jerusalem

The plan, first approved by Netanyahu's government and just affirmed by city authorities, will involve a half-mile zipline from a ridge between East and West Jerusalem into the Peace Valley and a cable car to the Western Wall of King Herod's Temple. - The Art Newspaper

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