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More Shenanigans And Secrecy Around COVID Arts Relief Money In Australia’s Largest State

New South Wales was the last of the country's states to establish a rescue package for artists and organizations devastated by the pandemic-related lockdowns — and when the $50 million fund was finally set up, there was unusual secrecy around the application process and the breakdown of money awarded. Seven months later, $30 million hasn't even been allocated yet, half of what has been given out went to one organization, and $7 million isn't accounted for at all. - The Guardian

NEA Releases A Blueprint For Arts Organizations Reopening

"The NEA conducted in-depth interviews with nine arts organizations to identify common practices among those who have successfully reopened their doors to audiences or visitors during the pandemic. In addition to these case studies, the NEA also drew from national service organizations in the arts, document scans, and interviews with arts management consultants." - American Theatre

Frank Gehry’s Dream Of Turing The LA River Into A Vast Cultural Space

Architect Frank Gehry has unveiled a bold plan to transform the river into more than just a concrete flood channel and establish it as an unprecedented system of open space. - Los Angeles Times

Paris Mayor Approves €250 Million Plan To Green The Champs-Elysées

That doesn't just mean to make the boulevard more environmentally friendly. "Anne Hidalgo said the planned work, unveiled in 2019 by local community leaders and businesses, would turn the 1.9 km (1.2 mile) stretch of central Paris into 'an extraordinary garden'. … The eight-lane highway is used by an average of 3,000 vehicles an hour, most passing through, and is more polluted than the busy périphérique ring road around the French capital." - The Guardian

Derelict East German Amusement Park Will Become (Another) Berlin Arts District

"Some €45 million has been raised for the project, which was first proposed in 2014 after the city, through the government-owned company Grün Berlin, took over the park's management. The former Spreepark, as the theme park is known, spans 56 riverside acres that are currently fenced off as old rides and amusement sites sit in various states of disrepair." - Artnet

How Governments Around The World Are Supporting The Arts To Survive COVID

Governments across Europe, as well as in Canada, Australia and some Asian countries, have held back the wave so far by moving fast at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis to stave off mass unemployment and prevent a financial meltdown. - The Hollywood Reporter

The Book That Predicted, And Probably Was The Blueprint For, Last Wednesday’s Coup

In a way, The Turner Diaries shows how white supremacists carried out the insurrection - and it provides a pretty clear idea of what's coming next. Historian Kathleen Belew says that even in the 1980s, supremacy groups "kept stacks of them, not just one copy but 15 copies in the book house of one white power terrorist group. They distributed them at paramilitary training camps. Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh carried and read and sold the book to others on the gun show circuit. And it’s just one of those things that keeps coming up because it answers this question of how a fringe movement can exert military control on a superstate like the United States." - Los Angeles Times

Yes, Things Might Look Up, But It Will Be A Long Slow Recovery For The Arts

For a broad chunk of the population, turning off that switch might not be as simple as being told it is okay to do so. Some local museum officials I’ve talked to think it might be 2023 or 24 before they return to pre-pandemic revenue levels. - Chicago Tribune

A New “Arts Worker” Movement

Built on the concept of the “arts worker” — an immense labor category representing 8.8 million Americans doing everything from designing clothing to sweeping museum floors — this movement asserts that the arts are as foundational as farming or manufacturing. And its focus is not so much public relations as it is survival, an aim reinforced daily by the financial devastation the coronavirus pandemic has spread throughout the nation’s creative economy. - Washington Post

France’s Cultural Venues Will Be Closed All Month

"Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed … museums, cinemas, theaters, concert halls and gyms 'will not in the weeks to come'." Venues had opened in the late summer with safety measures but closed again on Oct. 30 as COVID's second wave swelled; planned reopenings announced for Dec. 15 and then Jan. 7 were called off as new cases of the disease kept rising. - Variety

‘Obscenities, Inanities And Treason’: A Critic On The Riot At The U.S. Capitol

Philip Kennicott: "The whole drama, the body language, the flags and the onslaught, was borrowed from other dramas — genuine displays of revolutionary fervor against autocrats, authentic acts protesting illegitimate governments. But was a charade. Not civic or selfless, but corrosive, destructive and illegal. … One moment in today's appalling mayhem was telling. As they filed through Statuary Hall, some of Trump's thugs snapped selfies of themselves, as if they were merely tourists." - The Washington Post

MD High Court Rules Rap Lyrics Can Be Used As Evidence Against Defendant

"Three weeks before trial, Montague used a jailhouse telephone to record a rap verse, which was then uploaded to Instagram. , the State of Maryland introduced the telephone recording of the lyrics as evidence of Montague's guilt, and was convicted and sentenced to a combined fifty years . Maryland's highest court … affirmed conviction, finding that the danger of unfair prejudice posed by the admission of the lyrics does not substantially outweigh the lyrics' probative value." - Variety

Ex-Employees Of The California Arts Council Speak Out

"When it comes to the arts program specialists, I and several of my former colleagues found it to be a space that causes fear of retaliation, targeting and silencing, and where leadership lacks accountability." - Hyperallergic

The Fifteen-Minute City? Sweden Considers The “One-Minute City”

A plan piloted by Swedish national innovation body Vinnova and design think tank ArkDes focuses attention on what Dan Hill, Vinnova’s director of strategic design, calls the “one-minute city.” It’s a order of magnitude smaller than other recent think-local planning conceits. While Paris works with a 15-minute radius and Barcelona’s superblocks with nine-block chunks of the city, Sweden’s project operates at the single street level, paying attention to “the space outside your front door — and that of your neighbors adjacent and opposite,” Hill says. - Bloomberg CityLab

Australian Artists: Why Did The National Government Forget Us?

"For some, state governments stepped up and provided support. But the message to artists from the federal government was: you are not important to the national agenda, and therefore we can –and will – ignore you." - ArtsHub

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