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If Politicians Can’t Fix A City’s Problems, Can Art Do Something?

Manchester intends to find out. - BBC

An Artificial Reality Of Self-Improvement?

If computers gave each and every one of us a better way to gauge where to put our resources and energy and everyone of us had a better shot at living longer healthier lives, would that be a positive development? - Cody Pallo

Diversifying Your Emotional States

The more finely you can identify different body states—distinguishing, say, among aggravation, irritation, frustration, hostility, anxiety, and disgruntlement—the more you will understand yourself, and the more effectively you will move in the world. - The Atlantic

These Days You Can Bet On Almost Anything. But Why?

The most straightforward reason for the surge in gambling is a change to the law: In 2018, the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, opening the door to online sports betting across 21 states. As a direct result, sports-betting revenues grew 69 percent. - The Atlantic

End Of Times – Identifying The Anthropocene

In the face of such debilitating immensity, we cannot merely shrug and take a selfie. We cannot allow the scale of the crises we are already living through, and of those to come, to trump their urgency. - Boston Review

Cool – A Brain Scan! But What Does It Mean?

Beyond grasping the stakes of these statistical debates, then, public engagement with neuroscience would be less prone to overreaches of ‘neurorealism’ if equipped with a better understanding of how scientists go about constructing tasks that can model reality in the scanner. - Psyche

We Need To Puncture Our Knowledge Bubbles

"What we don’t know — about the lives of our neighbors and fellow citizens and why they think the way they do — is almost as important as what we do know." - The New York Times

It’s Well Past Time To Democratize The Arts In New York

In New York, the arts' elitism "stands in stark contrast to the middle decades of the 20th century, when the city was a haven for cash-strapped artists and New Yorkers across the income spectrum could make and enjoy a wide range of art." - New York Daily News

Why Elementary Schoolkids Need This Adaptation Of The 1619 Project

"Stories about slavery for children must do more than transmit information about the past. These stories have a reparative function—they must also humanize and liberate. These stories must uplift, hope, and heal while presenting the truth of slavery’s echoes in the present." - Slate

The Cultures Of Science And Art Aren’t So Different After All

Did cultural movements in art fertilize scientific breakthroughs? It’s an intriguing correlation, perhaps not much more. But it underscores the point that one culture, not two, inspires scientists and artists in their times. - Nautilus

Talk To The Hand – How Our Hands Help Us Communicate

I hadn’t perceived how hard it is to read the responses of one’s audience when the most expressive part of the face is hidden. - Hedgehog Review

Why Did We Organize Time Into Seven-Day Weeks?

The development that really established the seven-day week as insurmountable, David Henkin contends, came in the middle of the twentieth century: the television schedule. - The New Yorker

Technology Is Promising Boosts To Your Enlightenment

Technoboosts include brain stimulation, which uses electric currents or other means to directly target certain brain areas and change their behavior, and synthetic psychedelics, which are lab-created versions of drugs such as ayahuasca. - Vox

Why We Sleep

Sleep’s benefits extend far beyond the brain, and that muscles, the immune system, and the gut can all have a say in when and how sleep occurs. That work “might change our focus from studying sleep’s role in complex cognitive processes to how it impacts basic cellular function.” - Science

This Time, We’re Really Anxious (A History)

Of course, anxiety never went away. Depression might have seemed ubiquitous, but people in the late 20th century hardly had less to be anxious about or more to be depressed about. - Psyche

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