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Insisting That Art Focus On Social Justice Is A Narrow View Of How Art Works

Consider those charitable foundations that have decided to stop funding the arts, or to only fund arts activities that explicitly promote diversity, equality, and justice. This is the reductionist notion that has steered philanthropic giving away from traditional “high culture.” - American Purpose

Should Art Be “Relevant?” Jed Perl Thinks Not

Perl’s thesis, most succinctly framed in his concluding chapter, is that the arts, rather than being obliged to convey utilitarian messaging, must instead remain “the products of a process that stands apart from so much of our social, economic and political life.” - The New York Times

Do Our Digital Lives Need An Intervention?

It’s clear that the internet needs design innovations—and brake mechanisms—to reduce its noxious impact. Our suffering arises, in part, from the speed and volume of our social interactions online. Maybe we can build our way toward fewer of them. - The Atlantic

Global Disarray Is Growing. Do We Have The Creativity To Stop It?

The gap between global challenges and responses is large and growing. And the resources needed to turn things around – especially collective will and skillful diplomacy – are in short supply. - Project Syndicate

Art As Transporting Experience? Sure — But Where To?

The idea of artworks as portals to other worlds dates back several centuries, and it has become a commonplace way of talking about our experiences with art. - Psyche

Fascinating: Have We Got So Much Data That We’re Entering Into A Post-Hypothesis Era In Science?

The complexity that this wealth of data has revealed to us cannot be captured by theory as traditionally understood. “We have leapfrogged over our ability to even write the theories that are going to be useful for description,” says computational neuroscientist Peter Dayan. - The Guardian

How AI Is Replacing Millions Of Jobs

While AI job automation has already replaced around 400,000 factory jobs in the U.S. from 1990 to 2007, with another 2 million on the way, AI today is automating the economy in a much more subtle way. - VentureBeat

The Irish Government Is Planning To Pay A Basic Income To Two Thousand Artists

The artists - visual and performing - will earn a basic payment each week to pursue their arts, for up to three years. - BBC

You Can’t Change Your Self

So don't try. Instead, "figuring out how to do something a little less or a little more is likely to yield the best results for most people, even if it’s not going to turn you into a different human." - The Atlantic

Why A 2004 Two-Muppet-And-A-Rock Clip Went Absolutely Viral In Early 2021

Perhaps it's obvious, but just to be clear: "The rock is a metaphor for pandemic denialism, and Elmo represents the vaccinated — those who, now in year three of pandemic life, are fed up with the false beliefs surrounding Covid-19." - The New York Times

The Non-Disney Version Of Winnie-the-Pooh Is In The Public Domain

What does that mean for artists who love the OG Pooh Bear? - Washington Post

Understanding The Role Of Emotions

Being in the throes of an emotion influences a great many things: your memory, what you see, the inferences you draw about the world, how you learn new things, how you interpret ambiguous stimuli, and much more. - Psychology Today

For A Long Time The Purpose Of Art Was To Shock Against Norms. But Why?

Somewhere in the 19th century the notion develops that a work of art can be most effective when it’s ugly, when it deeply mirrors certain social realities and presents them in such a way that the audience is spurred to immediate action. - 3AM Magazine

Anger As Motivating Force

As almost anyone can confirm, manifest anger is by its nature felt and received with an intense immediacy, bringing to life the bodily and emotional resonances of the word ‘feelings’. And yet it is also peculiarly slippery, liable to hide and dissemble, to disguise. - Aeon

We’re Drowning In Data. And We’re Not Much Good At Accessing It. Maybe AI Can Help

Some 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last 2 years alone. In total, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, with the number continuing to grow. Yet while the amount of data that we produce has grown exponentially, our understanding of how to manage it has not. - VentureBeat

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