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We’re Taught That Battle And Triumph Are Desirable. Is Neutrality A Better Option?

Our heroes are the warrior, the entrepreneur, and the activist, not the neutral parties. Neutrality appears cold, lifeless, effeminate, weak, and suspect. - Tablet

People Are Quitting Jobs. Time For A Rethink?

Reports of workers of all types have quit, are quitting, or are looking for reasons to quit. Many are not seeking a new job, either right away or ever. Some are calling it “The Great Resignation of 2021.” Alan Harrison

So This Is The Metaverse, Eh? Yawn…

A game-y galaxy that seamlessly fuses with the meatspace. What matters is that metaverse is now the buzzword du jour and that Facebook wants a piece of it. The bad news is that Zuckerberg’s metaverse ambitions sound boring as hell. - Wired

Does Social Media Make It More Difficult To Act Morally?

What if it’s degrading our capacity for moral attention — the capacity to notice the morally salient features of a given situation so that we can respond appropriately? - Vox

How The Creative Class Broke America

David Brooks: "These days, your education level and political values are as important in defining your class status as your income is. Because of this, the U.S. has polarized into two separate class hierarchies—one red and one blue." - The Atlantic

Is It Fashionable To Be Ignorant?

It is not at all difficult to find books on the broad scope of human knowledge written by authors who really know nothing other than that there are other people who know a lot about many separate things. - 3 Quarks Daily

Silicon Valley Wants Us To Live In The Multiverse. How Bleak Is That?

“The metaverse is a vision that spans many companies—the whole industry,” as Zuckerberg put it. “You can think about it as the successor to the mobile internet.” - Vice

How To Get At The Culture Of Anti-Vaccine Mindset

Sociology suggests that pundits and policy makers have been looking at vaccine refusal all wrong: It’s not an individual problem, but a social one. - The Atlantic

What Our Repeated Mistakes Tell Us About Our Culture

"As fallible as human transmission can be, the fact that our mistakes in transmitting cultural information occur in systematic and directed ways, rather than purely randomly, is opening a new pathway to understanding continuity and change within the field of cultural evolution." - Nautilus

Pandemic Cautions Turned The Death Cafe Virtual

And, like old Dutch memento mori paintings, the forum lets people talk about something that happened to an awful lot of people in 2020 and 2021 - death. - Boston Globe

Do Olympic-Level Achievements Make People Happy?

That depends on when you ask them. (And yes, that has a bearing on the lives of the rest of us as well.) - The Atlantic

NFTs Of Chimpanzee Art Raised (Again) The Idea Of Animal Art (And Creativity)

The launch of these NFTs is the latest chapter in a long and complex history of non-human animals in the art world. - The Conversation

Navigating The Line Between Reality And Imagination

To perceive the outside world, our brain combines signals entering our brains through our eyes with what we expect the world to look like based on our past experiences. This means that our perception of the outside world is strongly influenced by what we believe. - Nautilus

How Conspiracy Theorists Learn To Believe Their Own Fake News

When online surveyor YouGov conducted a survey asking over 8,000 US adults, “Do you believe that the Earth is round or flat?,” only 84 percent of respondents felt certain that the Earth is round. - LitHub

Lessons From Shared Crises: Community Connection Matters

As the Blitz and other collective crises have taught us, resilience is not a given and has to be managed with an understanding of peoples’ fears and wishes, including their need for connectedness. - Psyche

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