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Ballerina Quits Bolshoi Ballet Over War

It was announced on Wednesday that Olga Smirnova, who was born and raised in St Petersburg, has now joined the Dutch National Ballet, where she will start immediately alongside the Brazilian soloist Victor Caixeta, who has left the Mariinsky Ballet in St Petersburg in response to the war. - The Guardian

Paul Taylor Dance Company Chooses Classical Ballet Star As Resident Choreographer

"Until the fall, Lauren Lovette was an esteemed principal at New York City Ballet, but now she has crossed over into modern dance and has been named the first resident choreographer at the Paul Taylor Dance Company." - The New York Times

William Forsyth: What Makes Great Dance

You have to ask: why are people in the theatre? With dance, especially classical ballet, it still often does have to do with some celebratory facet. If someone does a triple turn in the air, we all applaud. This guy prevailed over physics and centrifugal force. - The Guardian

Remembering Dance Legend Yuriko, 102

Known simply as Yuriko, she could project innocence, serenity or a mystical quality onstage. Yuriko also starred on Broadway in The King and I and Flower Drum Song, later staging productions of the former. - Dance Magazine

Ballet-Class Pianists Fess Up

"It's better now.  Back in the day, I might as well have been a radio in the corner." "Sometimes I see a dancer who I think is totally compelling and I mention it to the teacher, who then explains all the things wrong with their technique." - Pointe Magazine

Gender Equity Seems To Be Better At Dance Festivals Than In Other Parts Of The Dance World: Report

Among the statistics in this report are that, in 2021, two-thirds of US dance festivals studied were headed by women, almost two-thirds of the works recorded and streamed were by women (though only 38% of live works), and festivals directed by women present more choreography by women. - Dance Data Project

UK Charity Supporting St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre Shuts Down

The charity was set up by conductor Valery Gergiev, a high-profile friend of Vladimir Putin, with the main goal of supporting St Petersburg’s Mariinsky theatre – one of the best-known cultural institutions in Russia – and promoting its work in the UK. - The Guardian

Will The Choreographers For Music Videos Or TikTok Ever be Able To Copyright Their Work?

"Copyrighting choreography is not impossible, but historically it’s been easier to win legal protection within more traditional forms such as ballet or modern dance.  But JaQuel Knight is fighting to have music video and social media choreography to be seen in the same light." - Fast Company

A Need For Diversity In Ballet Hair

For Black artists, hair extends beyond aesthetic or presentation. It is a reflection of the self, an unassailable marker of cultural identity and all of the stereotypes and misconceptions that come from racialized status. - Pointe

Choreographers For Film And TV Are Forming A New Labor Union

"So what is owed to the creators of the choreography that's helping movies, television shows, music videos, and social media campaigns earn millions of dollars? About a year ago, … A consensus emerged: They deserved better. And many of them were ready to fight for it." - The New York Times

Even Pointe Shoes Have Been Affected By The Global Supply Chain Mess

"Amy Taylor, the director of production for Kansas City Ballet who also manages shoe orders, says, 'I've had to go to one of (my dancers) and say, 'Hey, you don't have any shoes in stock. Do you need another bottle of Jet Glue?'" Hannah Foster provides an explainer. - Pointe Magazine

Jewelry Retailer Van Cleef & Arpels Launches A New Contemporary Dance Festival

Dance Reflections, which will be held in a different city each year, debuts in London March 9-23 with a program featuring contemporary classics by Lucinda Childs, Merce Cunningham, and Trisha Brown as well as newer works by the likes of Boris Charmatz and SERAFINE1369. - Dance Magazine

As Ukrainian Dancers Escape, European Companies Are Taking Them In

In Paris, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, and elsewhere, ballet troupes have been helping their fleeing colleagues: finding them housing, letting them join class, and, if budgets permit, hiring them. The Mayor of Paris even gave the stranded Kiev City Ballet a residency at the Châtelet Theatre. - The New York Times

The Ballet World Faces The (Early) Fallout From The Invasion Of Ukraine

It's more than resignations and cancellations. The Kiev City Ballet , on tour in France when Russian forces attacked, is now stranded. A principal with Ukrainian National Ballet was warned not to return home from Rome; at least two others have traded tights for camouflage and weapons. - Pointe Magazine

Kyiv Dancers Quit To Fight In Ukraine Military

Images have circulated online of a principal dancer and ballerina at the National Opera of Ukraine in Kyiv, in camouflage holding weapons. - ClassicFM

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