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Charlotte Ballet Appoints A New Artistic Director

"The dance company announced Thursday that Alejandro Cerrudo, 41, will be its next leader. Cerrudo has worked as a dancer and choreographer for 24 years, most recently as resident choreographer at the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle." - The Charlotte Observer

What NFTs Have To Do With Dance

The disparities between the dance and tech communities can seem pretty vast, yet the two have found an odd, contemporary synergy in NFTs: non-fungible (as in, one-of-a-kind) tokens (as in, a thing). - Dance Magazine

Who Should Be ABT’s New Artistic Director? Misty Copeland

I’m struck by what the company could accomplish with a leadership choice that looks to the future of ballet. A choice that makes a strong statement about representation and progress, and acknowledges a new generation of artists — and potential audience members. - Washington Post

Inside A London Toe Shoe Factory

Freed of London, based in Hackney, has been making pointe shoes for almost a century. But while being one of the only producers of the shoes in the UK means that business is booming, the technique has been added to a red list of endangered crafts at risk of being lost. - BBC

After A False Start, David Hallberg Finally Presents Australia’s First Nationwide Dance Festival

The former ABT star, now artistic director of the Australian Ballet, wanted to bring together leading dance companies from all over the country for a festival.  That gathering, called DanceX, was to open last September but was foiled by a COVID lockdown.  DanceX will happen this October. - The Age (Melbourne)

The Young Muslim Who Defied Her Conservative Community To Master Indian Classical Dance

Mansiya V.P. was three when her mother took her and her older sister to Bharatanatyam lessons. The family persisted despite opposition from the local mosque committee, and, at 27, she's pursuing a doctorate in Bharatanatyam. Now a Hindu temple has refused to let her dance there because she's Muslim. - BBC

At 70, Both Bill T. Jones And Eiko Otake Are Making Some Of The Best Dance Of Their Careers

"(They're) two celebrated dance artists with different styles, temperaments and cultural backgrounds. What they have in common is willingness — hunger, really — to take on weighty issues. Otake has been illuminating the environmental damage caused by nuclear accidents. Jones is intimately connected to the struggle against racism." - The New York Times

Olga Smirnova Opens Up About Walking Away From The Bolshoi Ballet And Running Away From Russia

"My life totally changed in one day. In the morning, I didn't know I was going to leave Russia. And in the night, I was sitting on the plane. ... I never followed politics. But politics became impossible to ignore, which is why I spoke out against the war." - The Guardian

XR (That’s Extended Reality) Arrives On The Dance Scene

"I'm in an abandoned-looking house, where a woman appears like a dancing apparition. Then I'm going down a rabbit hole into a tea party in a bright yellow field. I'm conducting avatars moving to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring; taking a dance class where the teacher is a hologram." - The Guardian

The Choreography That Works On TikTok

Although the dance challenge “aesthetic” has undoubtedly fed the app’s popularity, there’s more going on in the dance world of TikTok. - Dance Magazine

Bolshoi Ballet Performs In Support Of Russia’s War

Among its goals are "support for the Russian audience, those who help our army" and "assistance to evacuees from Donbas", referring to eastern Ukrainian regions controlled by pro-Moscow separatists. - France 24

The Ballet That Almost Didn’t Happen

Music rights were the issue for Christopher Bruce's Rooster, a ballet set to the music of the Rolling Stones. They were cool with the ballet - but in a twist, they didn't own the rights to their own music. - Irish Times

Just Where Do You Put Street Dance?

Neither the art world nor the world of noncommercial dance is much more hospitable to an improvising street dancer, at least not one with Storyboard’s out-of-the-ordinary qualities. - The New York Times

Choreographer Sues Maker Of Video Game “Fortnite” For Stealing His Moves

Kyle Hanagami, a Los Angeles-based commercial choreographer, has filed suit against Epic Games for taking, without permission or compensation, his copyrighted movement from a dance video that went viral and selling it to players of the game Fortnite Battle Royale for their avatars to use. - Radar

Utah Choreographer Hit With Multiple Accusations of Sexual Harassment

When dancer Sybley Wozmak put up an Instagram post about her experience with a well-connected Salt Lake City choreographer, she got 250 responses in just a few hours.  And the consequences began ... - The Salt Lake Tribune

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