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Nina Ananiashvili Sent To Siberia (For Her New Job)

Once one of the biggest stars at both the Bolshoi and ABT, she returned to her native Georgia in 2004 (at President Saakashvili's personal invitation) to take charge of the national ballet company. On the condition that she can remain in that job as well, Ananiashvili has now accepted the dance directorship at the opera and ballet theater in Novosibirsk, Russia's third-largest city. -

The Dance Of Everyday Life

“The way we move has changed in the past year, indoor spaces seeming claustrophobic and our outdoor spaces not vast enough, backyards and gardens reinvented into havens. We’ve become resourceful and grateful for the places we occupy and with whom.” - The New York Times

The Ballet World In Degas’s Paintings Was A Mean, Sordid Place

"In Paris, its success was almost entirely predicated on lecherous social contracts. Sex work was a part of a ballerina's reality, and the city's grand opera house, the Palais Garnier, was designed with this in mind. A luxuriously appointed room located behind the stage, called the foyer de la danse, was a place where the dancers would warm up before performances. But it also served as a kind of men's club, where abonnés — wealthy male subscribers to the opera — could conduct business, socialize and proposition the ballerinas." - CNN

After 40 Years Leading San Francisco Ballet, Helgi Tomasson To Step Down

Since being named to the position in 1985, Tomasson, 78, has been hailed for his success at combining excellence in the classical ballet repertoire with a spirit of artistic innovation and the development of new work. Tomasson alone has created more than 50 dances for the company, as well as commissioning work from a wide range of contemporary masters and developing artists. - San Francisco Chronicle

Why Doesn’t The Entertainment Biz Give Proper Credit To Its Choreographers?

The Emmys and Tonys give their Best Choreography trophies without the TV cameras running; the Oscars don't even have a category for dancemakers, and the credits for music videos these days often don't bother to mention them. With popular TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance making some choreographers famous, it's time for the rest of the industry to follow suit. - Dance Magazine

He’s The King, The Grandfather And The Godfather Of Roller Disco

At the height of the disco craze in the late 1970s, Empire Rollerdrome, a rink in Brooklyn across the street from where the Brooklyn Dodgers once played baseball, was ground zero for what would become a major fad: dancing to glitzy pop music on eight wheels on a maplewood floor. At the center of it was Bill Butler, about whom New York magazine wrote, "He would do all these things that just looked impossible — spins and dips, and changing direction on a dime. It was like watching a whirling dervish. - The New York Times

25 Dancers, Choreographers And Companies To Watch In 2021

Want to know where dance is going in 2021 as the world (hopefully) comes out of COVID lockdown? Here are 25 bright lights to follow. - Dance Magazine

Dancers Have To Learn New Tricks And Stretch New ‘Muscles’ During The Pandemic

That is, their business muscles. They became bakers, started resource centers, trained non-dancers, and gotten into fashion - among many, many other second, third, fourth, and fifth jobs in 2020. - Dance Magazine

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