Miami Drags Its Feet On Wealthy Collector’s Self-Funded Museum – Until Getting Publicly Shamed

berkowitz museum

The museum proposed by hedge fund tycoon Steven Berkowitz – which would house sculptor Richard Serra’s enormous Passage of Time and James Turrell’s light installation Aten Reign – was stalled by local government. Then The Miami Herald wrote, “It’s baffling when an opportunity arises for taxpayers to benefit from the generosity of a wealthy investor and art patron – and the city of Miami acts like it doesn’t care.”

12-Year-Old Trips, Punches Hole In $1.5 Million 17th-Century Painting

12 year old punched a hole in this

“Footage released by the organisers of ‘The Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius’ exhibition in Taipei shows the boy in shorts, trainers, a blue Puma T-shirt and holding a drink walk pass the still life, catching his foot and stumbling over. He looks up at the Paolo Porpora oil on canvas painting of flowers, shown later to have a fist-sized gash at the bottom, and freezes, looking around at other people in the room.” (includes video)

What UK Artists Have Lost Under The Tories


Artist Bob and Roberta Smith: “I want us to re-engage with that postwar consensus that we need to expand creativity and who gets involved in it. The Tories think that silly notion is history now. Politicians don’t seem to even understand the basic importance of something like design and how it underpins production. It’s crazy, and, to be honest, Labour is not much better.”

The War-Hungry Women Written Out Of Photographic History

lee miller

“These women and their lives and times seem like ancient history in an age where anyone with a mobile phone now has their camera constantly with them. In 2014 we took one trillion photos; 30bn of which were selfies. It’s worth reminding ourselves – in the context of this monstrous exponential profusion of images that we live with – that all the great photographs these women took were shot on film (or plate), developed and printed.”

How Edye Broad Got Eli Interested In Art – And Changed Los Angeles


“Their collaboration, notably in the early years, was marked by Edye’s eclectic inclinations and Eli’s desire to shape one of the world’s leading collections of contemporary art. He could appear passionate, if brusque, sweeping into a gallery, making assessments and departing. Edye was a slower touch, lingering, studying the work, chatting with the artist. She is, as those who know them say, the antidote to his sting.”

Dissident Cuban Artist Tania Bruguera Is Free After 8 Months Of Detention, Back In The U.S.


“Performance artist Tania Bruguera, who had her passport confiscated in Cuba after trying to stage a performance about freedom of expression in a public plaza in Havana, is back in the U.S., according to a statement issued by #YoTambienExijo, the art and activism program run by Bruguera and her sister Deborah.”

Comics’ Long Struggle With Art Versus Commerce


“Today, ambitious cartoonists bypass newspapers altogether for more flexible and expressive mediums: graphic novels, comic books, and online comics sites. With few exceptions, syndicated comic strips now seem like artifacts from the last century. The proliferation of anthologies that reprint the entirety of terminated strips speaks to the ongoing museumification of the medium.”

The Anyone-Can-Be-An-Artist Art School Sham


“The school will accept anyone who has a high school diploma and is willing to pay the $22,000 annual tuition (excluding room and board), no art portfolio required. It would be easy to accuse AAU of being a diploma mill, except the school doesn’t manufacture many diplomas. Just 32% of full-time students graduate in six years, versus 59% for colleges nationally, and that rate drops to 6% for online-only students and 3% for part-time students.”

Banksy Has Designed A Dystopian Theme Park – ‘Dismaland’


“Once you get past Dismaland’s eerily institutional security checkpoint, the castle looks like it’s one breeze away from collapsing. But wait, there’s more: A dead princess backdrop for prime photo ops, a whale jumping out of a toilet and through a hula hoop, and a sculpture of a woman getting viciously attacked by sea gulls. But at least the food at this park is affordable – free hot dogs, to whomever can guess what meat is in them. Welcome to Dismaland: Everything is awful.”

How To Spot A Fake: Art Forgery Secrets Revealed!

Imitator of Vincent van Gogh, Portrait of Vincent van Gogh, , 1925/1928, oil on canvas, Chester Dale Collection

“Art authenticity is all about perception. If the world thinks a work is authentic, then it is authentic. But forgers know that a convincing provenance is actually more important than an aesthetically perfect forgery or one that would fool forensic tests. … Provenance is the biography of an artwork, but provenance, like art, can be forged.”

Sculptures By ‘Soviet Henry Moore’ Smashed By Orthodox Zealots For Being ‘Blasphemous’

soviet henry moore

“The exhibition, called ‘Sculptures that We Don’t See,’ showed works by Soviet sculptors that did not see the light of day during the Soviet period because they were non-conformist. The show … included some works with religious themes including a crucifixion bas-relief” by Vadim Sidur which was a target of the vandals.

Artist Lets Tiger Loose In Detroit’s Old Packard Plant

detroit tiger

“British photographer David Yarrow booked a two-day photo shoot at [the famously ruined venue]. Only problem was, he apparently didn’t tell anyone at the plant that he was bringing a tiger, two wolves and a bobcat with him. … The animals, trainers and photographers were given the boot about an hour later. But not before the tiger got loose and holed itself up on a fourth-story staircase.” (includes video)

New Director For The Uffizi

In this 2009 photo, German historian Eike Schmidt poses for pictures in the galleries of the Minneapolis Institute of Art in Minneapolis. Italy's culture minister announced Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015 that Schmidt, a 47-year-old art historian, will run the famed Uffizi Gallery in Florence after the government opened up top museum jobs for the first time to an international competition. (Dan Dennehy/Minneapolis Institute of Arts via AP)

Schmidt, a 47-year-old art historian who is currently a curator for decorative arts at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, said he would first focus on the visitor experience at Uffizi and on developing programs for children and teenagers. “If someone from America and China comes to the Uffizi and starts the visit by standing in line for two to three hours, that is not the ideal way to begin,” Schmidt told The Associated Press over the telephone.

Choice Of LACMA Architect Has Critics Wondering About The Place Of Quality Architecture In LA


“Many have challenged the logic of a Swiss building in Los Angeles, asking whether his revered precision will translate given the economics of American construction. Others ask whether his monastic aesthetic will make sense in the image-driven landscape of Los Angeles and, more specifically, whether his architectural language of sublime asceticism will respond to the city’s very diverse urban context. Even more inflammatory critics have suggested that he lacks adequate experience in buildings of this scale. In a sense, all of the criticisms can be boiled down to a single accusation: quality architecture does not belong in Los Angeles.”

Italy’s Culture Minister Brings In Wave Of New Directors For Museums – Including (Gasp!) Some Foreigners

italy museum directors

“Fourteen art historians, four archaeologists, one cultural manager and a museum specialist make up the new directors, who will be at the forefront of cultural reform in Italy. The majority have international backgrounds and half are women, although the culture minister, Dario Franceschini, said nationality and gender had no influence on Tuesday’s appointments.”

Former Guggenheim Head Thomas Krens Proposes Big For-Profit Museum In Berkshires


“Thomas Krens, the man with the original concept for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art 30 years ago, has proposed building a new 160,000-square-foot art gallery on North Adams’ Harriman-West Airport grounds. … It would be named the Global Contemporary Collection and Museum and contain a collection of about 400 works of art.”

The Vatican’s Crowdsourcing Art Restoration: Is It About The Art Or About The Money?


“The Museum itself is the main generator of income to support the Vatican City State itself. How did art become the funder for a government? How has this altered how the art is treated, if the Vatican is only able to run based on how many visitors they can get to walk through the doors? Ticket sales for 2014 totaled around $87 million, from which the State took half for its operations.”

Has Art Become Irrelevant To Museums?


“The art world can survive anything from the public — hostility, ignorance, even fanatical prudishness — but the art world cannot survive an indifferent public.”