Why Dreamworks Is Leaving Disney


“Although several studios are discussing the possibility of bringing DreamWorks into the fold, insiders say that Universal has the best shot at becoming DreamWorks’ new distribution partner when the previous deal runs its course next August.”

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Has Toronto’s Luminato Failed To Make An Impact As An International Festival?


“When Toronto was at a particular low point in the 2000s, Luminato was conceived by business leaders as the kind of high-level, multiarts smorgasbord that would attract international cultural tourists while also providing enough free, fun and family events to entertain the city. It was planned without sufficient consultation with Canadian arts groups and has often felt like a top-down exercise, a perception that repeatedly hiring Europeans will only reinforce.”

Dictionary Of American Regional English, Short Of Funding, Faces Shutdown

dictionary regional eng

“DARE, as the dictionary is known, has announced that it will shutter most of its operations this summer unless it can find new sources of funding to cover its roughly $525,000 annual budget. The print dictionary had been supported by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, among other sources. More recently, the budget was covered in large part by stopgap grants from the university, which are set to run out.”

A Grassroots Technologist Of Electronic Music Tells All


Laurie Spiegel: “I was playing music, I was improvising, I was making stuff up, and at a certain point I wanted to learn to write things down so I wouldn’t forget them. So I started trying to teach myself to write stuff down. One of my roommates in the house that I lived in pointed out to me that they call that composing. You make things up and write them down.”

Polly Bergen, Broadway Singer Who Starred In The Original ‘Cape Fear’ And Then Became ‘Madame President,’ Has Died


Bergen was 84. According to critic Rex Reed, “Bergen was a legendary ‘A-list, New York Oscar party host’ — he remembers watching the Oscars one year on Bergen’s bed while sitting in between Paul Newman and Lucille Ball — but Bergen was even more passionate about women’s rights.”

When We All Live To Be 100 Years Old…


“Projections of ever-longer life spans assume no incredible medical discoveries—rather, that the escalator ride simply continues. If anti-aging drugs or genetic therapies are found, the climb could accelerate. Centenarians may become the norm, rather than rarities who generate a headline in the local newspaper.”

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Italian reports: Pereira is safe at La Scala but on a yellow card
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NEA: New Numbers On How Many Artists In America


“The federal agency reports that, in 2013, 2.1 million workers had, as their primary occupation, a job that fell into the “artist” category (including musician, writer, and designer). Another 271,000 or so reported their second job—the one where they put in fewer hours than their main job—fit that description.”

Why Does It Matter That Heidegger Was Anti-Semitic?


“Why do these thinkers’ personal lives and ideological compromises seem unusually relevant to their work, beyond the usual scandal-sheet Schadenfreude? It may have something to do with their distinctive views regarding the relevance (or, rather, irrelevance) of character and personality to the objects of their study.”

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