America’s Theatres Are Looking At Leadership Changes


“Leadership turnover is coming to America’s regional theaters. When Theater Communications Group — a service organization for the country’s nonprofit theaters — recently surveyed its members, 30 percent of the respondents indicated that their artistic leaders had been in place for two decades or more. About the same number said they anticipated a change in artistic leadership within the next five years.”

Why Are Major Canadian Theatres Hiring Outsiders Over Home-Grown Talent?


“They have reinforced a message to young Canadian directors that the best way to get ahead at home is to move abroad, and that what audiences think of you in New York matters more to boards than what audiences think of you here. Even minor experience in your field outside this country will trump major experience at home.”

Why Did Britain’s National Youth Theatre Scrap A Play About Radicalized Teenagers Just Before Opening Night?


“In letter published on Saturday signatories, who also included Sir David Hare, Young Vic artistic director David Lan and Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti, said the cancellation ‘is a troubling moment for British theatre and freedom of expression.’ ‘We fear that government policy in response to extremism may be creating a culture of caution in the arts,’ they add.”

The Best Comedians Who Never Made It Big

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All of the reasons it never quite clicks for these men and women, according to their much more famous peers – including the table comic, “the genre of beloved comic who is funny in conversation with other comedians but not onstage.”

Here’s Why It Isn’t Fair To Review Cumberbatch’s Hamlet While It’s In Previews


“It’s not unusual for a journalist to completely redraft an article or review, so why should it be strange to do the same to a play? Theatre is a living organism. You only know if your show is working when you see it with an audience. You can also tell when it isn’t working – it’s horrible and you desperately try to figure out how to make it connect.”

Honoring Community Theatre

B_E_Keel_Photo 1

“We are living in an age when we get to choose our communities. I could be a sports fan, or a gamer, or build houses for Habitat for Humanity, or a zillion other things. But my real friends, my chosen family, my loved ones, they almost all do theatre. Many of them get paid. Many of them don’t. The ones that don’t make theatre are board members, boosters, donors, and most importantly, an audience.”

Dramatists Guild Blasts Minnesota Theatre Fest For Disrespect Of Scripts


“In a letter to Daved Driscoll, artistic director of Words Players Theatre, Doug Wright, president of the Dramatists Guild, took issue with guidelines that said the theatre’s directors and casts reserved the right to change submitted playscripts in any way they chose, while offering the playwrights no money for the use of their plays.”

What To Do With Your Theatre App? Take People Backstage


“National Theatre Backstage officially launches next week and will curate media from existing outlets that the NT uses, such as YouTube and Soundcloud, alongside specially commissioned content. It will also include articles from the theatre’s archives. The app will enable audiences to buy digital programmes of the theatre’s plays.”

Controversial Play About ISIS Canceled In London


“Homegrown, a National Youth Theatre (NYT) production, was closed down last Thursday, with the creators saying they were given no prior warning. Director Nadia Latif and playwright Omar El-Khairy believe the production was cancelled due to external pressures, claiming both local authorities and police got involved during the development of the play.”

Why Calling Something “Children’s Theatre” Is Self-Limiting

Kayla Hatton

“Identity-based representation practices that reinforce constructions of child/adult will generally limit the meanings of cultural codes, exploit children’s performative labors, promote ideological doctrines, exclude children from voice in production/representation, and reinforce acceptance of the idea that children are not fully people.”

A First: Theatre Company Asks Taylor Swift For Song Rights Over Social Media And…


Five days before opening, all conventional efforts exhausted, the company resorted to trying to reach Swift on social media and in what may be a first, she granted the rights via Twitter just hours ago. While I suspect there are some contractual details to be worked out beyond “Permission granted,” presumably the tweet from Swift gives Belvoir Street enough comfort that they can proceed.