Director Takes An Ax To Theatre After Bad Reviews


The Turner Prize-winning artist hacked the wall of a theater where his play has opened to largely negative reviews. Douglas Gordon directs Charlotte Rampling in “Neck of the Woods,” a twist on the Red Riding Hood story running at the Manchester International Festival.

Fringe Actors Lose Case Over Minimum Wage Pay


“The tribunal centred on whether the actors could be classed as “workers” under law – and therefore entitled to the minimum wage. But the judge decided they should be regarded as self-employed professionals.”

Playing Rosalind: Two Actors (One Female, One Male) Explain How They Did It

playing rosalind 90

Michelle Terry (currently playing Rosalind at Shakespeare’s Globe): “Going into the forest of Arden, disguised as a man, means she gets to explore every possible version of herself.” Ronald Pickup (played Rosalind in Olivier’s all-male production at the Old Vic in 1967): “I was watching a rehearsal in the Old Vic when John Dexter … leaned over and said: ‘Get a fucking pair of legs. You’re going to play Rosalind in a year’s time.'”

Guy Who Tried To Charge His Phone On A Broadway Set Gives Press Conference (With The Play’s Publicists)

nick silvestri

Nick Silvestri, age 19, in a prepared statement: “I don’t go to plays very much, and I didn’t realize that the stage is considered off limits. I’ve learned a lot about the theater in the past few days – theater people are really passionate and have been very willing to educate me.” But the Hand to God publicists organized the event. Does that mean the entire thing was a publicity stunt?

Hip Hop ‘Hamilton’ Heads To Broadway With Massive Advance Ticket Sales


“Mr. Miranda, at an airport on his way to a vacation with his wife in Mexico, picked up a copy of ‘Alexander Hamilton,’ a 2004 biography by Ron Chernow. By the second chapter, Mr. Miranda thought the story was made for hip-hop: Hamilton, an orphaned immigrant, plays a key role both in the American Revolution and in the nation’s foundational years, only to stumble with a sex scandal and to die in a duel. Hamilton’s childhood, Mr. Miranda said, made him think of Jay Z’s early days in the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn, and Eminem’s upbringing in Detroit.”

Texting In The Theatre Is Rude, Sure, But It’s Also Flat-Out Stupid For Your Cell Phone’s Battery


“Broadway theaters weren’t built for cell phone usage—many of them date to the early 20th century. They’re made of marble on the outside and have thick walls on the inside, which absorb sound. … Even from a technical standpoint, using your phone in a theater is pointless — your battery drains even if the phone just stays in your pocket.”

Patti LuPone Shouldn’t Have To Police Cell Phone Use In The Theatre


“Here’s what I’m wondering. Why haven’t theaters, which have known about this problem for eons, taken a harder line on behalf of their own audiences and productions? Why, in all these years, hasn’t a deterrent been found? … At the point at which actors no longer feel they can do their jobs, management is required to step up.”

Mark Rylance: Subsidized UK Theatres (The National and Royal Shakespeare) Are Charging Too Much For Tickets


You can’t have the RSC and the National receiving millions of pounds of money without a lower price, in my feeling. A lower price should be part of it.” Adding that tickets for the two subsidised theatre companies cost “way too much”, he continued: “I think it absolutely has to be accessible, this stuff. And that should be the condition of subsidy.”

Are Our Ticket Prices Too High? National Theatre And Royal Shakespeare Companies Respond


In its response to Mark Rylance’s comments, the National said it was “committed to sharing our work with as many people as possible. We agree with Mark that affordable ticket pricing plays an important role in that, and use our public funding to help achieve that accessibility.” Tickets to its main house shows, its spokesperson continued, ranged from £15 to £55, with no additional booking fees.

Why One Of New York’s Great Stage Actresses Is Giving Up On Theater

jan maxwell

Five-time Tony nominee Jan Maxwell: “The kinds of roles I was being offered were just – I’d been there and done that, and I just didn’t want to do that anymore. … I’m 58 years old, and it’s a lot of work and a lot of responsibility. It’s eight shows a week, and I’ve been disappointed in the kind of theater that you can make a living doing.”

Why Even Julie Taymor (Who Filmed It) Says ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ Is Unfilmable

taymor midsummer

“Taymor’s film reveals more of the spectacle than any one spectator at the theater could have seen. Nonetheless a filmed version of a stage production cannot quite capture the sense of being there, even if the wizards currently developing the science of virtual reality no doubt are conceiving ways to eliminate the distinction.”

If You Think Most Theatre Is Overrated, Perhaps You’re … Right


“The truth is that with any art form you have to wade through a lot of less good stuff to find the gems, and there is a purpose in the less good stuff because that’s how artists, novelists, film-makers and theatre-makers learn. And for the reader or the audience there is a real pleasure in going on a journey with an author or a theatre-maker and seeing them develop over a period of time. If everything was astonishing it would be very dull.”

Can A Theatre Critic Be A Good Playwright?


“Does writing regularly about theatre make you a stronger playwright? I feel I’ve benefited from soaking up others’ work for years; I’m in a constant state of inspiration. (Sometimes I have to tell my own characters to pipe down so I can focus on the show.) My defense has always been that I was an artist—acting and directing Off-Off Broadway—before I became a critic. But there has to be some level of talent to nurture in the first place. If you have an ear for dialogue, an eye for structure, a feel for storytelling, reviewing can sharpen those gifts.”

The Worst Act Of All Time – Perhaps By Design

The Cherry Sisters’ “variety act included original music, bass drum thumping, poetry, mouth harp playing, inspirational recitations, essay reading, fake hypnosis and other artistic expressions. And the audience responded to the whole shebang by hurling vegetables, shouting interjections and behaving rudely.”

Why Theatre Basically Sucks (Except When An Actor Entirely Forgets The Lines)


“The vast majority of plays are distinctly average. They are fairly well written, fairly well acted and fairly well staged. But they do not reflect how people actually speak because dialogue in most modern plays is generally produced to show how clever the writer is or how gifted the actor delivering it is. The tickets are expensive. The seats are uncomfortable. The audiences are pretentious and pleased with themselves, laughing loudly to show they get obscure jokes and cultural references.”