ISIS Is Selling Looted Antiquities On The Internet


“The world went into shock earlier this year after Islamic State released videos of its bearded operatives smashing ancient artworks with sledgehammers and drills. But after U.S.-led airstrikes on refineries and tankers reduced the group’s $1 million daily oil revenue by nearly two-thirds, the razing gave way to looting for sale via eBay, Facebook and Whatsapp.”

The Making Of An Alt-Classical Prodigy

alt-classical prodigy

“At the premiere two weeks prior, at the Kaufman Music Center, the grown-ups had shot down some of Paris [Lavidis’s] most rascally ideas: using firecrackers as percussion, smoking a hookah onstage. So he’d improvised, substituting a whip for the fireworks and handing out kazoos instead of pipes. But the compromise had stolen some of his thunder.”

How You Lie – And Whether You Think You’re Lying – Depends On Your Culture


“Some aspects of lie detection, especially those elements measured by lie detector tests, might be cultural. For instance, what if the person who might be lying is speaking a second language? What if she grew up in a different place than you, with different social norms? How difficult is it to spot a liar then? Is there any hope for a scientific approach?”

Junot Díaz Remembers The First Time He Got Beaten Up

junot diaz

“As these things go, it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t actually lose any teeth or break any limbs or misplace an eye. … I was furious and ashamed, but above all else I was afraid. Afraid of my assailants. Afraid they would corner me again. Afraid of a second beat-down. Afraid and afraid and afraid. Eventually the bruises and the rage faded, but not the fear.”

Classical Critic Edward Greenfield, 86


“He began his journalistic career in 1953 as a political writer for the Manchester Guardian, taking up reviewing recordings for the paper in 1955 (he was later appointed the Guardian‘s chief music critic in 1977, retiring in 1993).” He also spent 55 years as a contributing critic for Gramophone.

It Seems There Are Four Kinds of Introversion

4 kinds of introversion

“As more regular, non-scientist types started to talk about introversion, psychologist Jonathan Cheek began to notice something: The way many introverts defined the trait was different from the way he and most of his academic colleagues did.”

“The Necessary, Inevitable Thing” – Adam Gopnik On Love Lyrics, From Shakespeare To Taylor Swift

adam gopnik on love lyrics

“The love song, whether from Shakespeare or his lessers, is to the currency of our feelings what the dollar bill is to our economy, the dining-room table to our family life – the necessary, inevitable thing. Exactly because everything is a love song, we sigh at another one, even as we prepare to sing it.”

Ten Great Writers Nobody Reads

10 great writers nobody reads

Stephen Sparks: “I haven’t come closer to understanding the vicissitudes of literary fortune (the moment I do, I’ll open my own publishing house), but in studying these writers, I’ve come up with a set of categories into which many fall.”

Even Dadaism Had A Racial Subtext

Even Dadaism Had A Racial Subtext

Tzara composed what he termed “African poems,” and his girlfirend led a danse nègre at the Cabaret Voltaire. Grosz danced jigs while wearing a straw hat and blackface. Picabia painted two canvases he titled Negro Song. Clément Pansaers published a pamphlet titled Le Pan Pan au Cul du Nu Nègre. “Clearly, Norman Mailer did not invent the ‘white negro’.”

Move-In Day At The Broad Art Museum Is Taking Months


“About half of the Broad’s 2,000 artworks have made their way from warehouses around the city, where they had been stored by museum founders Eli and Edythe Broad. Now all this postwar and contemporary art, by some of the most recognizable names of the last 40 years, is heading to a single place for the first time. An inaugural exhibition will consist of 200 pieces, and the remainder of the collection will be stored in a museum vault that was constructed so that visitors can peer inside.”

Why Childhood Memories Disappear


“For the memory to remain accessible, my younger self had to remember those concepts in the same language-based way that my adult self remembers information. I formed earlier memories using more rudimentary, pre-verbal means, and that made those memories unreachable as the acquisition of language reshaped how my mind works, as it does for everyone.”

Studio Museum Of Harlem Unveils Plans To Expand


“No more droning air-conditioners in the galleries. Or children sitting on the floor for educational programs. Or total shutdowns of the museum three times a year because the current process of changing exhibitions is so disruptive to its operations.”

Surviving As An Artist Means Diversifying Your Art


“Here’s the old artist model: Sit in your studio and make paintings or sculptures and wait to be discovered. Jennie Jieun Lee represents the new artist model: designing clothing and accessories for Rachel Corney, vases and tableware sold at several New York stores, and creating fine art for shows at Martos Gallery downtown and galleries around the world this year.”

This Is The Woman Who Animated ‘Sesame Street’


“‘Jane dreamed up many innovative techniques — before the age of computers — to bring inanimate objects to life,’ said Christopher Cerf, her collaborator on ‘Sesame Street.’ … To demonstrate the concepts of jam-packed and empty, she sent chirping chickens charging into a room through a door and a window, only to retreat just as swiftly.”

When Hippie Musicians Are The Most Tech-Savvy In The Biz

Santa Clara, CA - June 27: Grateful Dead performs on Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years Of Grateful Dead at Levi Stadium on June 27, 2015 in Santa Clara, California.  (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

“The Grateful Dead remains one of the most innovative and tech-savvy bands in pop history. Long before it became necessary (or cool) to do so, the band embraced a DIY ethos in everything from manufacturing its own gear to publishing its own music to fostering a decentralized music distribution system. The Dead’s obsession with technology was almost inseparable from the band’s psychedelic ambition and artistic independence.”