Lygia Clark: The Geography of Hagiography

Lygia Clark at MoMA

                    Is Lygia Clark’s oeuvre another case of the oeuvre with a caesura? If so, Clark (1920-1988) got it backwards. You are supposed to start out avant-garde, like some artists I dare not name, and then end up producing Almost Art. It look like art, it smells like art, but something is missing. At least it is saleable. Clark, a goddess of the avant-garde, started out with decades of Almost Art. … [Read more...]

De Kooning Revived: Anger, Amour, Anxiety

Untitled-XIX 1983

Willem de Kooning’s difficult masterpieces, recently so unfashionable, can now be seen with new eyes. De Kooning’s work for decades was virtually blacklisted by Greenbergian formalists, but MoMA makes amends with a well-chosen and complex survey. “Willem de Kooning, A Retrospective” at MoMA to January 9 is the must-see of the fall season. Jackson Pollock was great, but so was de Kooning, and we are here reminded why. Of course, the single minded cannot allow anything but a single line. … [Read more...]



                                                                                                ARTOPIAnews   Not One Artist Awarded MacArthur This Year. Shame, shame. This is not to say the recipients are unworthy. But why nominate or evaluate artist candidates if the results are so insulting? For the record, you can’t apply and all nominators, evaluators, and juries are top secret and, therefore, unaccountable.     Salvation Army Buys Museum Will … [Read more...]

Tehching Hsieh: Caged Fury

          Tehching Hsieh has created only six artworks or, more precisely, performed them. This is not counting his earlier jump from a window in Taiwan or, before that, the paintings he made. The six artworks are the ones he lists on his website and that have been validated as art and valued as … [Read more...]