De Kooning Revived: Anger, Amour, Anxiety

Untitled-XIX 1983

Willem de Kooning’s difficult masterpieces, recently so unfashionable, can now be seen with new eyes. De Kooning’s work for decades was virtually blacklisted by Greenbergian formalists, but MoMA makes amends with a well-chosen and complex survey. “Willem de Kooning, A Retrospective” at MoMA to January 9 is the must-see of the fall season. Jackson Pollock was great, but so was de Kooning, and we are here reminded why. Of course, the single minded cannot allow anything but a single line. … [Read more...]


The Niemeyer Museum

ARTOPIAnews   GAG SHOP MAD AVE VENUE SHUTTERED NOT the gallery, for all you fans of schadenfreude; only the books, trinkets, and art souvenir outlet. Can the landlords now command a higher rent? LINK. Story and image, thanks to         NIEMEYER MUSEUM CURTAINS AFTER 62 DAYS! 103-year old master-architect Oscar Niemeyer, who designed Brasilia, must be in shock; his new museum in Spain  just opened..... and then, after 62 days, closed. … [Read more...]

Governors Island: New Haunts for Art

          The Plot   Site-specific art has subjects. Content needs to be parsed. In the best examples, the artworks initiate a kind of dialogue between place and viewers, illuminating where we are. Dreary forms of personal expression are at least once removed. Furthermore, it gets art out of galleries, museums and penthouses.   What I have never said before is that site-specific art harkens back to a time before easel paintings and the tchotchkas and … [Read more...]