VOIDS: Nothing Doing at the Pompidou

           Being and Nothingness     What is the void? It is not a vacuum, nor is it emptiness. Whatever it is, it is decidedly not plural ....   Voids: A Retrospective is an exhibition that just closed at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, but it will make one more appearance -- at the site of the co-producer, the Kunstalle Bern in Switzerland. In its own way it is as important in our century as were certain exhibitions in the second half of the last: When Attitudes Become Form at … [Read more...]

Sacha Kolin: Lives of an Unknown Artist

                                          What The Art World Was   This is an odd, but fascinating book. Look Up: The Life and Art of Sacha Kolin by Lisa Thaler (Midmarch Arts Press, 2008) is the tale of an artist written not by an art historian, but by a genealogist and/or, as the author seems to prefer, a "family historian" using her professional tools ... and then some. In an … [Read more...]

The Martin Kippenberger Caper

          Martin Kippenberger: The Happy End of Franz Kafka's "Amerika," 1994.    How German Is It?   I have a problem with Martin Kippenberger. Not personally; after all, I never met him, but I have a problem with his work. It is not anything fancy as might be suggested by the awkward subtitle of the current festival at MoMA: "Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective" (to May 11). If an art history graduate student were to use this phrase and I were … [Read more...]

Judith Bernstein’s Phalluses Revealed: First Artopia Video Blog

The Turn of the Screwed   Judith Bernstein's outrageously penile screw drawings continue to be anti-war, anti-sexist statements that rise above simplistic agitprop. Her show last year at the Mitchell Algus Gallery in Chelsea garnered considerable attention.   The first art critic to review her work (in the Village Voice in 1973), I have been a long-time champion. Recently, I introduced her talk at the Drawing Center in SoHo and, through the miracle of my new Flip digital recorder and … [Read more...]