Gordon Matta-Clark: Six Ways of Looking at an Exhibition

Gordon Matta-Clark: Splitting: Four Corners, 1974 (Courtesy, SFMoMA) 1. Gone Too Soon Several themes are suggested by the Gordon Matta-Clark exhibition now at the Whitney (945 Madison Ave., to June 3, 2007), not the least of which is the early-death conundrum. Why do the best and brightest seem to die before they are 40? Here's a list: Eva Hesse (1936-70), Robert Smithson (1938-73), Matta-Clark (1943-78), Ana Mendieta (1949-85). Many without talent die young too, and perfectly decent artists … [Read more...]

Prince Nixes Pix; MoMA Launches Latin Dud

Two Questions 1. Do artists have rights over their artworks even after they are sold? 2. What is a conflict of interest? I too read other art critics, but Artopia is not metacriticism. We will leave that for other places. Nevertheless, occasionally I am stirred up. My two questions were generated by reviews that were in the N. Y. Times of Friday, February 9. Neuberger Museum website "image" for Richard Prince exhibition Prince Nixes Pix The first topic is inspired by Roberta Smith's review of … [Read more...]

Cameron and Other Stories

Aleister Crowley, 1875-1947 Once Was Wicked By the time you read this, the exhibition of elegant, out-there drawings by the infamous Cameron may be closed (Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, 526 West 26th Street, No. 213, through February 10). I usually post my essays inspired by current exhibitions while said offerings are still available. But this time around I made an exception. I wanted to beat the New York Times and the Village Voice on the David Hammons show, and I needed time to read through … [Read more...]

David Hammons, Trickster

David Hammons, Bliz-aard Ball Sale, 1983 Paint It Black The reclusive "genius" David Hammons is showing terrific new work. It's right up there with his snowball piece, his rock haircut, his African-American flag, his dark and empty gallery. His current provocation is at L & M Arts, 45 East 78th St., through February 28. I hesitate to tell you what's in the show since it was the surprise of it that initially turned my head. But you might as well know. Six fur coats. Six luxurious fur coats … [Read more...]