Wallace Berman’s Circle: Not Your Grey Flannel Art

An Embarrassment of Riches Another thing about Semina is it's un-American. In the fifties, when the magazine first began, it was against what in those days we called 'The American Way.' Semina was a long way from the American Way. The American Way was the Korean War, the grey flannel suits, the military preparedness to wage war behind the Iron Curtain or the Bamboo Curtain. Michael McClure, "On Semina," Support the Revolution: Wallace Berman, ICA/Amsterdam, 1992, How do you fill in the … [Read more...]

The Artopia Art Awards: 2006 Redux

And the Winners Are..... As much as I dislike end-of-the-year, best-of lists or awards of any kind (unless I am on the receiving end), the temptations are hard to resist: praising, hackle-raising, poisoning, and positioning. So for the first time ever, here we have the Artopia Awards for 2006. Best Solo in a Museum: Douglas Gordon at MoMA Too old to be emerging and too young for a retrospective, Gordon was just perfect for MoMA, badly in need of at least some inkling of the avant-garde. … [Read more...]