Eve Ensler Shakes You Up

Eve Ensler

The playwright-impresario-activist who created The Vagina Monologues starts out an interview talking about her One Billion Rising movement to combat violence against women – and ends up, by discussing her near-deadly bout with cancer, affecting her interviewer’s relationship with her own body. (includes video)

Keeping Pina Bausch’s Company Vital, Five Years After Her Death

Pina Bausch company

“Five years on, what once seemed unlikely has happened. The two men who stepped up to the artistic directorship [after Bausch died suddenly] … have handed over the reins of the company to another former dancer, Lutz Förster. The transition appears seamless: the company continues to perform to the highest standards, and is more popular than it has ever been.”

Can Wikipedia Survive In an Increasingly Mobile World?


“The fact that people increasingly use the Internet with a smartphone, and only a smartphone, has disrupted television, books and news, among other things, and media companies have scrambled to adjust. Wikipedia, the world’s fifth-largest website, but one with a relatively minuscule operating budget, has been especially slow to adapt to a mobile world.”

How The Internet Has Impacted Our Lives


“Whether we like it or not we are caught up in these flows of technology and as we are carried along by the flows, some barely visible to us, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand back and distinguish between what is good about these innovations and what is not.”

Royal Ballet Cancels Ballet In Mid-Performance After Collision


“Natalia Osipova, who recently joined the Royal Ballet as a principal dancer, sustained a mild concussion on Saturday afternoon in a collision with a fellow dancer… The cancellation of a ballet is highly unusual, because a second cast or understudies are usually available to replace an injured dancer.”

Cultural Theorist Stuart Hall, 82

Stuart Hall

“Hall was always among the first to identify key questions of the age, and routinely sceptical about easy answers. A spellbinding orator and a teacher of enormous influence, he never indulged in academic point-scoring.”

How Humans Are Different From Animals (Or Not)


“In the light of new research into animal intelligence, some scientists have concluded that there simply is no profound difference between us and other species. But other scientists of equal eminence argue the opposite: that new research is finally making the profound difference between humans and animals clear.”