John Perreault

For examples of art by John Perreault CLICK HERE.….I have written about art for a number of years, specializing in first-person art criticism as art critic for the Village Voice, then in the Soho News. I have championed

new art of all kinds: from Minimalism and Earth Art to realist painting; from Pattern Painting to Performance Art; from Street Works to ceramics and design. As a young poet, I began as a critic by writing short reviews for ArtNews when it was the Artforum of its day, graduated to articles, and then as a freelancer went on to write for more publications than I can list here.
I have been President of the American Section of the International Association of Art Critics. Currently I am a Trustee of the Tiffany Foundation. I wrote a book for Abrams on the watercolors of Philip Pearlstein. I have also been a museum curator, an arts administrator, and professor of art history: all examples of what a poet, artist, and art critic such as myself sometimes has to do to make a living. However, I have enjoyed all of these day jobs and in the process learned a great deal that now informs my art criticism.