Lil Picard: Mother Dada

                                            A Life That's Picardesque   If you wrote a novel or a play or a jazz opera about Lil Picard (1899-1994), who would believe it? She would pop up in various places in the 20th century, wearing  different wigs. Very Brechtian, with music by Kurt Weill. If there were a movie, who would star? She herself had a brief appearance in E.A. … [Read more...]

Star of Doom: Eastern State Penitentiary…plus J.J. McCracken

                                            Jailbreak   I was recently in Philadelphia to check out some site-specific artworks curated by yours truly. They were part of that city's Clay Studio "Interactions" project, tied to this year's NCECA, the National Conference for Education on the Ceramic Arts.   Checked in at my Market Street hotel and immediately took a taxi to … [Read more...]