Marina Abramović: Prisoner of Charisma

                                                       Marina Abramović as Joseph Beuys (Guggenheim Museum, 2005)   MoMA Redeemed?    Marina Abramović (MoMA, to May 31) did not set up the parameters of Performance Art. Though there are only a few years between the seminal  (sic) works of Vito Acconci and those of Abramović and her … [Read more...]

Not Just the Whitney Biennial

        Theaster Gates: Cosmology of Yard, 2010   Beyond the Moat No fancy title. Only 55 artists, all American. A few midcareer artists. More than half of them female. You win some, you lose some. Reading the reviews, you would think "2010," the Whitney Biennial, was a revolution of some kind. Please. Except for the long-demanded (but apparently unplanned) increase in the number of women, it is back to square one, save a single exception. With more and more … [Read more...]