Agnes Denes: Photograph of Wheatfield -- A Confrontation, 1982   What Do Women Want?   In Artopia, art is gender-neutral. This does not mean we deny that women, for one reason or another, cannot offer art that deals with what are sometimes called  "women's issues." And men can deal with "women's issues" too, or for that matter, topics deemed male or manly by our weird little culture: sports, war, guns and cars (as if women were immune to these). Nor do we need to ban … [Read more...]

Street Works in Colorado; Libeskind and Kirkland in Outer Space

    John Perreault: Critical Mass Redux (1971-2008)      How History Is Rewritten   Yours truly has finally managed to get a few things off his chest. Or, more correctly, off his back. As keeper of the Street Works and Performance flame, I have carted around a burden these many years since the late '60s, waiting for someone, anyone, to delve into these phenomena.  Two-hundred-and-forty-two sheets of paper and various souvenirs are now on display in an … [Read more...]