Zhang Huan, Stark Naked and Covered With Flies

Zhang Huan,12 Square Meters, 1994. Bubble Gum Artopia pays no attention to the Chinese art bubble, nor to the bigger art bubble in general. Bubbles come and go. The Bigger Bubble is tied to the stock market. The stock market drops and the art market follows one year later. It has happened twice on my watch. Now it is real estate, everywhere but in New York City high-income zip codes, that is plummeting. Will art follow? Some say that the economy is now worldwide and that money piling up in the … [Read more...]

Hannah Wilke’s Farewell

Hannah Wilke, Untitled, 1974. Photos and chewing gum. (not in exhibition) Death Isn't Fun Sometimes art takes time. Time is distance. Some art is best seen later, in the past tense. Or if not exactly in the past tense, since all objects and images are technically present-tense, then "once removed." Hannah Wilke (1940-93) made that kind of art. Ironically, at first glance, her art was all about herself, all about her body, and was open to the charge of narcissism. Now it seems likely she was … [Read more...]