ARTOPIA is an art diary featuring my evaluations of the art I see in galleries, museums, public spaces, and sometimes in artists’ studios…

I specialize in new art or art that needs to be looked at in a fresh way, in terms of contemporary practice. The art will be presented in the context of everyday life, since art is my life. What is it like to visit the art spaces of Chelsea, Williamsburg, and parts unknown? The world visits New York, but I travel a lot too. What people will I meet and what will I be thinking about?

I will not hide behind the slippery and authoritarian third person, so be prepared for a lot of first-person pronouns. This is a rhetorical device and a metaphor. I will think aloud, so to speak. I will argue with myself. Furthermore, I am interested not only in the art, but in the art issues: abstraction versus representation; gender; new media; ethnicity; ethics; economics; audience; public art. Art cannot be separated from these issues. This is why I call this blog ARTOPIA, a place where art is important, worth looking at and thinking about.

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