Marcel Dunchamp: Bicycle Wheel, 1913,(replica). Biting The Mother Who Feeds You Juxtaposing unlikely artworks or exhibitions is one way to tease out meanings. I call it the hermeneutics of the unjustified comparison, the depth analysis of opposites, the free flight or free fall of critical discourse. Although a word in different context may mean something else, by pretending it has the same meaning wherever it turns up offers the possibility of turning contexts upside down, inside out. Puns and … [Read more...]


H�LIO OITICICA ...AND BICKERTON AND CLARK, TOO Ashley Bickerton:Green Reflecting Heads #1(2006) In Search of the Exotic What is exotic? The Other - demon of post-modernism - was the Double that haunted Romanticism. But, excuse me, the Other lives next door. I have really no idea of what's going on in the brain of that birthday celebration family, making such a sit-com racket. When I buy a quart of 2% it is not the harried young man from Mumbai behind the counter who is the Other but the woman … [Read more...]