Still Life with Blue Tablecloth, 1909 Matisse at Work As Matisse became less fauve and more the artist we love, he began to depict fabrics that joyously overwhelm all other subject matter. He painted images of : tablecloths, exotic costumes worn by otherwise depersonalized women, wall hangings. And, by shifting slightly to see that it was not the cloth itself that interested him but the patterns, then wallpaper too is a subject. Because we suddenly have access to the fabrics that the artist … [Read more...]


Robert Smithson (1938-1973), c. 1968         Once you have approached the mountains of cases in order to mine the books from them and bring them to the light of day---or rather of night---what memories crowd in uponyou!                      -- "Unpacking My Library" in Illuminations, Walter Benjamin By The Book To my mind, the most interesting aspect of the … [Read more...]